Leadville Endurance Cyclists

I know this is a big topic but I thought I would start somewhere.

Hi Elden, Thanks so much for the podcast! This year is my first year for Leadville, super excited! I have been listening to season 2 and gone back to season 1 to get all the detailed course info.

Nutrition Advice for Vegans
One question: If all of the nutrition segments have not been recorded, I would love to hear any advice the GU/Everest lady (apologies I can not remember her name right now) has for plant-based or Vegan endurance athletes. I know Vegan is a politically charged word but more people know what vegan is more than they know the term plant-based. I know there are not many of us but there are some. I have been an endurance athlete longer than I have been vegan all is going well, just any plant-based nutrition suggestions would be nice.

Just as an aside I have been vegetarian for about 4 years for ethical reasons, the before the Butte 100 my CTS coach John Fitzgerald mentioned how he felt so much better giving up dairy before the Western States 100. So I thought I would give it a try for a week. After a week or so I felt so much better so I just kept going. It has now been about 10 months and I am still going strong on a plant-based diet.

I did the Butte 100 last year and climbed 3 peaks in Ecuador this February up to 19,300 feet as a vegan.

Anyway many days I have stayed in my parked car getting to an end of one of your segments. 🙂

I am not a big facebooker but I will check for any replies or you can email me at steven@stevenjohnson.me

I hope to have a Preparing for Leadville 100 MTB race post up soon on my site.

Thanks! — Steven