Race Number Image Generator Idea

I noticed that serveral people in the Ironman Chattanooga group change their Facebook Profile Images to their race number.





It is common for those who participate in Endurance Events, like Ironman or Major Marathons to replace their facebook profile image with an image of their race bibb with their name and actual number.

Currently there are a few who have photoshop skills who are creating them one at a time by hand.

The extension automates the process.

People could pick their race, enter their race number and name.

The extension creates the custom race number profile image with their details.

Essentially we start with a base race image (has the race name and year)
then the number would be added on one area and the name added to another area
and the results displayed on the screen for the user to download.






Essentially it is a meme generator.

Instead of a funny kitten photo

  1. the image is the logo of the race or an image of what the bibb will look like.
  2. the top line is the race number
  3. the bottom line is the person’s name.




Front End:

User selects a predefined image (what ever the race is)
They enter their name (we can limit the characters)
They enter their bibb number
Then they can download the image.

Other than their name and number all other factors are predetermined.



This could be part of phase 2 or 3

Administrator could create a new race.

Upload new race base image

Add any specifics to the number lenght or name length.






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