this is a post about all the Whoop Athletes


Whoop Athletes.

So I put pre ordered on of the fancy new whoop devices that are now available to us common folk 🙂 I am super excited.

Whoop seems to have quite a few athletes that are training with them I have not seen one list that contains all the names, so I thought I would put one together.

I will add any athlete to the list, in particular I am interested in Distance Runners and Triathletes that have used them during training.

If you know of any names to add to the list contact me here or

WHOOP Runners

Whoop Baseball Players

  • Chris Coghlan Chicago Cub Baseball Player
  • Tyson Ross Pitcher San Diego Padres
  • Matthew Dellavedova, a point guard for the Cleveland Cavaliers — The NBA told this guy he could not wear his Whoop during games

Whoop Basketball Players

  • LeBron James
  • Kyle Lowry Guard Toronto Raptors

Whoop Swimmers

  • Connor Jaeger Swimming US Olympic Team
  • Ryan Lochte
  • Michael Phelps

Whoop Olympians

  • Adeline Gray Wrestler US Olympic Team
  • Gevvie Stone Olympic Rower
  • Meghan Musnicki Olympic Rower
  • Casey Patterson Olympic Volleyball player
  • Jake Gibb Olympic Volleyball player

WHOOP Boxers