So I am looking to set automate an existing ceiling fan as well and then later automate a few new ceiling fans we are adding.




Be able to control the fan with Alexa

Have a remote control or local override so that Alexa or a smart phone tablet is not required.


Wifi / Z-wave / Zigbee

Z-Wave vs Wifi:

Wifi Controlled Ceiling Fans:


Samsung SmartThings Smart Home Hub



Best Z-wave controller






Wink Enabled Universal Ceiling Fan Remote


Currently Everyone is waiting on this Wink Enabled Control Kit to be released

From what I can tell people have been waiting for this for a year or so.


So after a lot of looking around, it appears the only way to accomplish what I want is to order the replacement parts from King of Fans


Here is what you need


A zigbee Fan controller (this gets mounted inside of the fan)

A remote controller (this can either be a hand held remote or a wall mounted controller)


Decide which type of remote controll you want and then call this number


King of Fans — 1-800-749-3267

Original Fan   (this is the fan that has the parts you need)

Model Number #43260

UPC Code 82392 43260


Parts to Order

Wink enabled Fan controller MR101Z (J)


Remote Control  (not required except for override)

Basic Black Remote Control TR227A (K) $25

Remote Control with Temperature on it

Wall Control


The way this set up works is the   Fan controller is mounted in the fan and tells the fan what to do.


The fan controller becomes a device that can be controlled by both a SmartThings hub (using the Zigbee protocol) or the Remote Control


Alexa can then control the devices on the smartthing hub.