Keeping my exercise activities in sync online


LIke most things that are meant to make your life easier end up requiring more time to manage and maintain than it is supposed to.  Well that happend with my array of activities, tracking, and reporting tools.

My goal is have all the data in all the apps so I can access it where I want and when I want without having to take manual steps or mental energy.

I was there until I switched to a different cycling computer and the data would not automaticcally sync to garmin.  Here is my setup, what I want to accomplish, and how I solved it.


Activities I track and complete

  • Running (Outdoor)
  • Running (Treadmill)
  • Cycling (Outdoors)
  • Cycling (Training)
  • Swimming
  • Daily Steps
  • Weight


Apps I use

  • Garmin Connect
  • Training Peaks
  • Sufferfest
  • Wahoo

Devices & Sensors I have

  • Fenix 5X
  • Garmin 520
  • Wahoo Elemnt
  • Wahoo Kickr
  • iPhone
  • WHOOP Strap 2.0
  • Garmin Index Scale

Places to Store, Share and Analyze Your Data

With a Garmin watch and all the great reporting, sharing and social features of Garmin Connect, I like this as my go to place to see all of my activity.  Most systems will connect with Garmin and most people i know, including my entire family have garmin devices sot this is a great place to serve as a home base for all my activities.

TrainingPeaks — This system gives more reporting and better tools for interpreting the data.  I do not know how to use this to the fullest but my CTS coach, John Fitzgerald does so it is important that all of my efforts make it into training peaks, so he can develop the plan and I get the green completed boxes for my workouts.

WHOOP — This is another system to monitor your heart rate and recovery. WHOOP does not care what activity you do, they are just looking at the effort your body puts out. For the most part WHOOP is its stand alone world or walled garden. I do not worry about combining my WHOOP data with other systems.


Devices and Apps that collect Data

  • Sufferfest
  • Wahoo Kicker / Wahoo Elemnt
  • Garmin Fenix 5X
  • Garmin 520


My System

Ideally, all data is collected and then uploaded from Garmin and then Garmin will sync it to Training Peaks.  If I can do this then everything is fantastic.


The trouble is when devices cannot upload to Garmin.  So far this only seems to happen with the Wahoo Elemnt App.

Wahoo Elemnt can collect the data and upload it to training peaks or save it out as a .fit file.

There is currently not a way to go from TrainingPeaks > to > Garmin


Ways to go from Wahoo to Garmin

Wahoo to Garmin Directly

Garmin does not let Wahoo import directly into Garmin Connect. They used to but not anymore.   Since Wahoo is now making inroads to the hardware business, I expect garmin to keep this connection shut down.  Which is unfortunate because it would be the simplest cleanest answer.  The ability for Wahoo to import to Garmin seemed to stop around August 30, 2016.

Post about Garmin stopping Wahoo data import!topic/wahoo-elemnt-users/xWNnDUiGgqc


Wahoo to Dropbox. Then Dropbox to Garmin

You can export your .fit file from your wahoo to Dropbox and then import manually import that file from Dropbox to Garmin Connect

Technically this works but not all the data shows up in Garmin Connect.  Here are a few threads about it, including one I started in the Garmin Support Forums

Google Group post about .fit file to Garmin!topic/wahoo-elemnt-users/YzJtTfQ00Qg


3rd Party Solutions

I initially resisted a 3rd party not b/c they are bad or evil, I just did not to have one more thing that I needed to maintain and keep up with.  However I my options are becoming limited and a 3rd party syncing solution might be my only option.


Tapiriik – This one keeps popping up over and over and might be what I need to go with

From the tapiriik website:

tapiriik synchronizes your fitness activities between Garmin Connect, Runkeeper, Strava, TrainingPeaks,, Endomondo, RideWithGPS, TrainAsONE, TrainerRoad, Motivato, Velo Hero, Epson RUNSENSE, Dropbox, Smashrun, BeginnerTriathlete, Pulsstory, Singletracker, and SETIO
(your heart rate, cadence, power, and temperature data syncs too)