triplite hinged rack

We are remodeling part of our house and it may be time to properly set up a home network.


Currently we have a few devices in one room where the cable comes into the house and then the main TV, VoIP phone, PS4, Fire TV, Apple TV in another room and it is not super organized.


With the remodeling it will be a great time to get some Cat 6 networks drops installed, a patch panel, proper network switch, cable modem relocated, etc, all in a nice and tidy rack.  Here is what I am thinking


Devices it will contain: Patch Panel


Wifi Router?

Phone base?

Smart Hub for Home Automation



Wall mount open frame rack 12U of space

  1. 1U Patch Panel
  2. 1U Network Switch
  3. 2U shelf
  4. 2U shelf
  5. 1U UPS
  6. 1U Power PDU


Network Rack

Looking for a smaller rack to hold the devices. 12U seems to be a pretty standard size for the smaller rack.  Additionally since security is not a big concern, I can go with an open fram rack.


Hinged Trip Lite Rack

triplite hinged rack



Patch Panel Options

Trip Lite N252-024


Trip Lite N052-024

Cable Matter Patch Panel




Network Switch Options

Thinking it will probably be a 24 port switch and rack mountable.

Possible features include: fanless, power over ethernet, and unmanaged / smart manageced / fully managed.


NETGEAR ProSAFE 8-Port 10-Gigabit Ethernet Smart Managed Switch (XS708T-100NES) 


GS728TP-100NAS 192W 8PoE ports  ($350)

GS728TPP 384W 24 PoE+  ($497.99)


TP Link

T2600G-28MPS (384W)   ($394.09)

T1600G-28PS (192W) ($266.99)



StarTech 2U vented rack

startech 2u vented shelf





Power Strip or PDU (Power Distribution Unit) 

This is a fancy power strip that will mount into the rack making ever thing nice and neat.  These are pretty straight forward, just looking for a rackmount power strip, ideally it can handle normal plugs and the larger “wall wart” plugs that could be associated with modem or wifi router.

Possible Options: outlets on front, outlets on back, right angle outlets, surge protection.

Tripp Lite RS1215-RA 

Trip Lite RS1215-RA 15A, 15 outlet, outlets at right angles, no surge protection.
Price: Around $50 at Amazon

CPS 1215RM front 499x125Tripp Lite RS1215-RA Front

CPS 1215RM back 499x125Tripp Lite RS1215-RA Back


 TrippLite DRS-1215

TrippLite DRS-1215  15A, 14 outlet, surge protection  

Price: around $58 at Amazon

tripplite DRS 1215 500x95Tripp Lite DRS 1215 Front


Cyber Power (power strips)

CPS-1215RMS 12outlet 15A, Surge Protection,  Plugs on Front and Back, plugs on back have more space.

Price: Around $50 at Amazon

cyber power CPS 1215RMS front 1000x160


cyber power CPS 1215RMS back 1000x160



Cyberpower CPS-1215RM Rackmount PDU Power Strip – 10-Outlet 15A 1800VA

Cyberpower CPS-1215RM  – 10 Outlet 15A, No Surge Protection, all plugs on back


Around $44



My Power strip selection

I think I will go wit the cyber power PDU.  It has a good number of plugs on both the front and back and should be way more than what I need.



UPS Options

These are typically 1U or 2U, I think I just need a one 1U unit, plus these are less expensive

sizes seem to be around 500KVA or 700/750KVA, not sure if it worth the extra money to bump up to the 700KVA unit

some options include better conditioned power, not sure if I need all that


Cyber Power

CyberPower 750VA / 560W / PR750LCDRM1U  

Price 377.99 at Amazon



Cyber Power 500VA / 300W / OR500LCDRM1U 

Price 149.99 at Amazon:

CyberPower OR500LCDRM1U front 1000x130

CyberPower OR500LCDRM1U back 1000x130


CyberPower 700VA / 400W / OR700LCDRM1U

Price: 195.95 at Amazon:

CyberPower OR700LCDRM1U front 1000x130

CyberPower OR700LCDRM1U back 1000x130


Tripp Lite

500VA / 300W / SMART500RT1U

Price 155.50  at Amazon:

 triplite SMART500RT1U front 1000x130

triplite SMART500RT1U back 1000x130



Did not see any really good, current, affordable UPS Options.  I will add some here if I find them.



Ethernet Cable

Looks like there some new standards since 2001 when cat 5e was the new thing.

The options seem to be cat5e (10/100) Cat6 (10/100/1000) and Cat7 (10/100/1G/10G)

I think for our house the Cat5e or Cat 6 is the way to go.

There seems to be a difference between solid copper and copper clad.  Solid copper is more expensive and what you need to meet the cat6 standard.


Cat 6 cable option

Cable Matters: new is $149.99 at amazon or they have several boxes in warehouse deals for just under $100.  Thinking the damaged packaging box could be the way to go.

 MonoPrice: here is another less expensive brand new it is around $130/1000 ft.

 GearIT:  this seems to be around $160/1000ft or $110 in a damaged box.


There seem to be several different variations of Cat6 cable.  I will work to figure out what the differences are.

Solid –  think this is Cat6 

 STP – Solid Twisted Pair  think this is cat6

UTP – Unsheilded Twisted Pair

Plenum – Plenum Frare Safety Rating