Georgia 6th Congressional District Special Election 2017 – What to Know

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Key Facts

  • Special Election Day: Tuesday April 18, 2017
  • Runoff Election Day: Tuesday, June 20, 2017
  • This is the seat for Tom Price’s Congressional Seat
  • Tom Price was selected by Donal Trum as Secretary of Health and Human Services
  • To Win: A canidate has to receive 50% of the total votes, if no canidate recieves 50% then the top two canidates go to a run off
  • There are a lot of people running for this seat

If anyone or the canidates has any information to add to this page email it to  — Thanks!


Democratic Canidates

Ragin Edwards

ragin edwards headshot 254x278Main Website:

Facebook Page:

Where to meet in person:







Richard Keatley

keatley headshot 200x262Main Website:

Facebook Page:

Where to meet in person:






Jon Ossoff

jon ossoff 400x400Main Website:

Facebook Page:

Where to meet in person:

Other Articles








Rebecca Quigg

rebecca quigg 400x400Main Website:

Facebook Page:


Where to meet in person:












Ron Slotin

ron slotin 400x400Main Website:

Facebook Page:

Where to meet in person:

Danielle & Jason Cohen Saturday, March 18th 9:30 am – 11:30 am 3200 Alston Court Roswell, GA 30075







Independent Canidates

Alexander Hernandez

Main Website:


Andre Pollard

Main Website:


Republican Canidates


David Abroms


Mohammad Ali Bhuiyan


Bob Gray


Keith Grawert


Karen Handel


Judson Hill


Amy Kremer


Bruce LeVell


William Llop


Dan Moody


Kurt Wilson


Additional Articles & Resources about the 6th Congressional Election–regional-govt–politics/when-the-georgia-special-election-replace-rep-tom-price/Mm0s2pzIUAsMQLR6Bj6AAL/





ragin edwards headshot 254x278
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