Last week was a good solid week of training. Everything felt good and it was fun to get in some threshold / interval sessions.


12 Weeks to Race!   August 29 to September 4th


Rest Day



 Workout 1: 45min Recovery Run

In the AM get out for an easy run at 10:30/mile or slower.

This was an out and back run, the workoug called for a 10:30 pace and I had a 10:27, avg HR 130, cad 166.  Everything felt great.


Workout 2: 2,000 yard swim

wu: 200swim, 200kick, 200pull, 200swim

main: 5X200 y (100easy, 100hard). RI= 15sec

cd: 200 choice

The swim felt good, completed all 2,000 yards with an average pace of 1:54/ 100 yards 



 Workout 1: Tempo Run 3 by 12min

Today I will introduce Tempo Run (TR) which is your 1hr effort. These are performed right below your Lactate Threshold (the point at which blood lactate production starts to exceed clearance). The longer we can stay at this intensity the better! This is between 10k and 10mile effort for most. You should be able to say six word sentences to your running buddy.

I will prescribe TR both in miles and in time.

warm up: 15min easy running, 10:30/mile or slower

main: 3X 12mile @ 8:15-8:30/mile. RBI= 6min easy running

cool down: 15min easy running, 10:30/mile or slower

It was a good run, when I started out I was not sure how all 3 intervals would feel, so I took more of a cautious approach.  Once I completed the first one, I knew I could run faster and make the other two with out issue. So my first one was a little slower but the last two were in the ideal pace range.  Also I goofed up my watch on the first one so the interval was a little long and the recovery interval was a bit short.

  • Tempo 1: HR- 144 bpm, 8:50/mile (Noticed this was a little long and HR/Pace low). The rest interval going into the 2nd interval was too short (should be 6min).
  • Tempo 2: HR- 153 bpm, 8:23/mile (Good! Spot on with pace and HR).
  • Tempo 3: HR- 156 bpm, 8:21/mile (Solid)

 When it was over I felt good and was looking forward to this type of session again. I know I need to work on pacing some and learning to run at a faster pace that is not 100% all out.


Workout 2: Strength Training

3X through 45sec of each -> [ regular plank, R side plank, L side plank, flutter kicks, super mans (lower back), 15 push-ups] 15 sec rest and back through.

I missed this workout. Need to get in the habit of getting the strength work done.  I may try to accomplish this at the end of the work day. Trying to get it done after the girls have gone to bed is just not happening.



 Tempo Run 3 by 10min

wu: 15min easy running, 10:30/mile or slower

main: 3X10min @ 8:15-8:30/mile. RBI= 5min easy running

cd: 15min easy running, 10:30/mile or slower

So this run started out a little tougher than the tempo run yesterday. I could definately feel it in my legs, the were a little sore and not ready to go. Again I was not sure about all three intervals so I started out slower, partway through the interval I noticed I was going slow, slower than it felt like. For Tempo 2 & 3 everything felt better.

The experience of going through 2 tough days in a row was a good one. I was surprised how much I could feel day one on day two. Looking forward to the next time one of these comes up. I will be sure to start out faster on the first tempo so that all three are at the perscribed pace. 

  • Tempo 1: HR- 143 bpm, 8:51/mile
  • Tempo 2: HR- 149 bpm, 8:38/mile
  • Tempo 3: HR- 152 bpm, 8:27/mile

Overall great workouts. You could push the pace a little on the first interval getting effort to RPE-8 and high 150 HR. I see your logic about easing into the intervals but you should be OK going straight to RPE-8 on the first interval. This is your 1hr effort so you should be able to hold effort all the way through to the 3rd interval.

Garmin Connect Results:

20160901 garmin connect 


60min on the Bike 

Easy recovery spin inside or outside. Keep this effort very conversational in effort. 

Good ride on the trainer. Avg HR was 110, cadence was around 90 or so, and power averaged around 125.  Not sure if next time I should ride at a higher power level or not.  I was recovering from the two tempo workouts from the days before so a nice easy ride felt great.

I finished up the Amazon show “All or Nothing” this might be one of the best / most motivational shows when running on a treadmill or on the bike trainer. It is all about the Arizona Cardinals 2015 – 2016 team. I am not a big fan of football but I will be interested in watching these guys this fall.

Garmin Connect Results: 

20160902 garmin connect



Workout 1: Tempo Run 4 by 8min

wu: 15min easy running, 10:30/mile or slower

main: 4X 8min @ 8:15-8:30/mile. RBI= 4min easy running

cd: 15min easy running, 10:30/mile or slower



Workout 2: Strength Training

3X through 45sec of each -> [ regular plank, R side plank, L side plank, flutter kicks, supermans (lower back), 15 push-ups] 15 sec rest and back through.



Endurance Run 1hr 50 min or 11 miles

Run first 7miles at 10:00-10:30/mile and finish the last 4miles @ 9:30/mile.

Run on flat to rolling terrain.







Looking forward to next week! See you then  🙂