This week contained a half distance Ironman triathlon, so Saturday was a pretty big workout day.  Saturday’s race was the Toughman Alabama.

Before I get to far ahead lets start at the beginning of the week.


14 Weeks to Race Day! — August 15 to August 21


This was an off day.  Two days before was the Toughman Alabama, so I was glad to have the day off.



 30 min recovery run.  Everything felt good and was glad to be back out there.



 30 minute recovery run.  Again everything felt good.



6 by 2 minute hill intervals.  First time I have done any hill repeats, in fact I created a Hill Repeat blog post. Here was the workout.

Warm up 15 min. 2 min intervals at 10 out of 10 RPE. These are ALL OUT. No pacing. Just make sure the effort level is there. Equal recovery time between intervals. Cool down remaining time. 

 These were tough and I was super glad to have them over with. My first interval was fast and then the pace dropped over time.  Because of the hill I was on some intervals were steeper than other but they all definately all took a toll on my speed.

Looking forward to doing them again.



40 minute recovery run.  All went well. 



 10 mile Endurance run at a 10 mile/minute pace.  Felt good through the entire run.  I did come ups with a few questions during the run.

  • Should I keep the pace the same up the hills as down the hills and on the flats?
  • Is it better err on the side of going a little faster or a little slower on endurance runs?



 1 hour endurance run.  Everything went well, it poured down rain during the first half and the sun came out right as I got to the bottom of the biggest hill.



 After a great race at the Alabama Toughman, it was good to have a few recovery days, get in my first hill workout, and then a couple of endurance runs.  

So far everything seems to be going well. I think one of my big questions is how am I progressing, do all the numbers look good? As well as should I be working harder on the hard days, and easier on the easy days.  I am sure I will get it figured out over time.

Looking forward to Week 6! See you then  🙂