This week contained a half distance Ironman triathlon, so Saturday was a pretty big workout day.  Saturday’s race was the Toughman Alabama.

Before I get to far ahead lets start at the beginning of the week.


15 Weeks to Race Day — August 8 to August 14


This was an off day.



3 mile 10:35 to 11:00 recovery run was scheduled.  I actually ran 5.35 miles instead.  I ran with two friends, so I strayed from the schedule a bit.

The average pace was 9:53, my average HR was 145 and cadence was averaged around 167.

I think I am finding when I run with others my cadence is lower then when I run by myself.  Not sure it is from matching my cadence closer to the other runners, there is more going on so I get distracted and do not pay attention to cadence, or it is just conincidence.  Anyone else see their cadence vary when running in a group vs running alone?



3 miles at 10:35 to 11:00 pace.  I did not get this in, this was the second week of school, everyone getting used to the new schedule so todays run did not happen.




Another 3 miles at 10:35 to 11:00 pace.  I got this one in with an average pace of 10:40, avg HR 135 and average cadence around 164.

This run was from my house to the post office and back.

This was my last workout before Saturday’s Toughman Alabama.



Supposed to be 35 minutes in the pool.  It did not happen. Had to take part of the work day off to travel to Alabama so there was not time for swimming. 



Toughman Alabama. 1.2mile swim / 48 mile bike / 11 mile run.

Everything went very well, the weather was great, the course was great and super well organized.

Felt strong the whole way through.  When I got to the run, I told myself no walking. My pace was a little slower partly due to the fact that I took it easy at the beginning so that I would be sure to be able to not walk.

As the run went on and I felt like I could make it without walking, I attempted to pick up the pace some, by that time my legs were starting to get a little more tired so picking up the pace was more challenging.



45 min easy ride was on the schedule.  Did not happen, I had every intention to ride but our girls wanted me to stay in bed with them so that bumped the ride. Later that day everything was pretty hectic so I did not have a chance to get the ride in


All in all it was a good 4th week.  The effort from the first 4 weeks of training paid off.  I feel I had a better run at the Toughman half than I did at the Chattanooga half.  I think a big part was due to the interval training and structured schedule from the coaches at CTS.

Looking forward to Week 5! See you then  🙂