Philadelphia Marathon 2016: 17 Weeks to Race

Okay so I am going back in time a little bit on this one.  I saw how another running blogger (  was posting her training and it looked like a great way to do it. I though I would borrow the format.  


So here is Week 2



17 Weeks to Race Day — July 25 to July 31


This was an off day.   



  • Warm-up:1.5 miles easy 10:00-10:35
  • Main: 8 x 2 min 7:35-7:45 pace,  2 min recovery 10:00+ pace
  • Cool-down: 1.5 miles easy 10:00-10:35

This went pretty well except my paces were all over the place.  I am sure with more practice and improved fitness, I will get them more consistent

Later that day did my first session of strength training.  Nothing super fancy just some all around good excercies



Ran 3 miles on the treadmill. Things felt a little more familar and starting to get the hang of it.  Spent some time thinging about and working on my cadence

Later that day I got about 2000 yards in at the pool.



First session of intervals. Based on my test my fast pace should be between 7:35 and 7:45

My times were sort of all over the place and was reminded what it feels like to run intervals. It is tough and you know it.

I wished the pace was more consistent but it was good just to be out there doing them.

Later that day some strength training.



3 miles back on the treadmill.  This run felt a little more natural than tuesdays run.  Curious what a good cadence should be on a treadmill is? Faster than normal? Slower than normal?  Anyone know?




9 mile easy run at 10:00 to 10:35 pace.  Felt pretty good and I had a 10:06 average pace.



2 hours of cycling was on the schedule, I actually rode about 48 miles out at the Bud Plant in Cartersville.  It was a great ride.



All in all it was a good 2nd week.


See you next week  🙂 

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