Philadelphia Marathon 2016: 7 Weeks to Race

October 3rd to 9th – 7 Weeks to Race Day!


Off Day



Workout: 2 by 30min Steady State Run

wu: 15min, RPE-5 ( 9:00/mile or slower)

Main: 2X30min, RPE-7 ( 8:40-8:20/mile) HR- 150-160bpm. RBI= 4min easy running (9:00/mile or <)

cd: 15min easy, (9:00/mile or <).


  • 1st 30min Steady State: 8:44 min/mile Avg HR 138bpm Max HR 146bpm 169 cadence
  • 2nd 30min Steady State: 8:34 min/mile Avg HR 148bpm Max HR 156bpm 177 cadence
  • Total Duration: 1hr 35min
  • Total Distance: 10.44 miles
  • Avg Pace 9:08 min/mile
  • Avg HR 142 bpm
  • Avg Cadence: 174 spm


  • Start: 1 bananna & 1 gel
  • 12oz water
  • 1 gel
  • 8 base salt licks


Everything went well, was a little slow to get started I could still feel my legs from the 35 miles over the weekend.  My first steps were sort of gingerly, after about 15 minutes was feeling better.

My goal for the 2 steady state intervals was the first at 8:40avg  and the 2nd at 8:30avg.  I was close, my numbers came in at 8:44 and 8:34, maybe a little slower than I wanted but I made it through the entire workout. 

Never felt horrible or like I needed to stop.  I think it is possible that I could have run a little faster. As I am learning the first couple attempts at a new workout type I approach with caution. For what ever reason I run a little slower so that I know I can make it. Maybe after a few steady state sessions I will get the times lower as I get more comfortable running at a faster pace longer.

All in All it was a good workout, I am looking forward to tomorrows recovery run and my legs feeling a little better and less sore.

20161004 ele pace

20161004 hr ele



Workout: 1hr Recovery Run

8:00-12:00/mile, RPE-5. Low stress!


  • Duration: 1hr 
  • Distance: 6.1 miles
  • Avg Pace: 9:50 mile/min
  • Avg HR: 132 bpm
  • Avg Cadence: 168 rpm


Ran the standard 6 mile loop around my house. All went pretty well. My right foot was sort of bothering me a bit. 

Thought my pace would have been a little faster. When it was all said and done it was 9:50 maybe my right ankle was bothering more than expected.

20161005 pace ele 

20161005 hr ele



Workout: 2 by 30min Steady State Run

wu: 15min, RPE-5 ( 9:00/mile or slower)

Main: 2X30min, RPE-7 ( 8:40-8:20/mile) HR- 150-160bpm. RBI= 4min easy running (9:00/mile or <)

cd: 15min easy, (9:00/mile or <).


  • 1st 30min Steady State: 8:36 min/mile Avg HR 146bpm Max HR 154bpm 178 cadence
  • 2nd 30min Steady State: 8:42 min/mile Avg HR 145bpm Max HR 151bpm 180 cadence
  • Total Duration: 1hr 32min
  • Total Distance: 10.2 miles
  • Avg Pace 9:03 min/mile
  • Avg HR 140 bpm
  • Avg Cadence: 178 spm


 Can not remember exactly what I had, I know I had just about 8oz of water.


Not the best steady state sessions.  I was in or close to the desired zones but things did not feel that great. It was a lot of work to keep the paces.

Ankle was not feeling the best. I just remember being glad it was over.  I think I also got started a little late, which means I would finish late.

 20161006 ele pace

20161006 hr pace


Workout: 1 hr Recovery Ride

Easy spin to increase blood circulation and promote recovery. Keep this very conversational in effort, RPE-5.



I ended up taking the day off.  It felt better to rest rather than push something that was not happening.



Off Day, Rest for the Half Marathon Tomorrow


Workout: Ath Half Half Marathon

13.1 miles


  • Time: 1hr 47min
  • Avg Pace 8:12 min/mile
  • Avg HR 152 bpm
  • Avg Cadence: 170 spm

I decided to break the course into 3 section, first 5 mile, 2nd five miles, last 3 miles.

Miles 1 – 2: 8:30 or so just get warmed up and let the crowd thin out. If I could get to 8:20 that is great, if not no big deal.

  • Mile 1 – 8:18
  • Mile 2 – 7:57

Miles 3 – 5: 8:20 just keep it moving, with the idea that the later miles would be faster

  • Mile 3 – 8:14
  • Mile 4 – 8:02
  • Mile 5 – 8:04

Miles 5 – 10: 8:00 this is my ideal pace, thought it would be great to finish at an eight minute pace.

  • Mile 6 – 8:25
  • Mile 7 – 8:11
  • Mile 8 – 8:27
  • Mile 9 – 8:11
  • Mile 10 – 8:11

Miles 10 – 13.1 7:40 this is the last bit of the race if I can get to 7:40 that is great.

  • Mile 11 – 8:13
  • Mile 12 – 8:12
  • Mile 13 – 8:08

The plan sort of worked out.  I was able to remain steady through the race.  I am curious to see how the hills played into the miles where i was a bit slower. 

All in All I remained pretty steady through the race and felt good the whole way through.


  • Before Event: 1 bananna & 1 gel & water
  • Mile 2: Water at water stop, Base Salt
  • Mile 4: Water at water stop, 1 Gel Base Salt
  • Mile 6: Water at water stop, Base Salt
  • Mile 8: Water at water stop
  • Mile 10: Water at water stop, 1 Gel
  • Mile 12: Water at water stop


 The weather was fantastic and the race was great.


20161009 pace ele

20161009 hr ele


Week Review

I did get a new pair of Asics Gel Nimbus shoes of Friday. After checking with two nearby running stores, I have come to the realization that the Fly Knit racers are not for me. Looks like I will have some cood summer shoes for next year.

The plan will be to stick with the nimbus for a solid two weeks and see if my right ankle feels any better.




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