Philadelphia Marathon 2016: 6 Weeks to Race

October 10rd to 16th – 6 Weeks to Race Day!


Off Day



Workout 1: 1hr 15min Bike Ride

Easy spin to increase blood circulation and promote recovery. Keep this very conversational in effort, RPE-5.


Workout 2: 2600 year swim

wu: swim, kick, pull, swim (200 each)

Drill set: 4X [ 50drill, 50swim, 50kick] :15

Main: 10X100 on 1:50

cd: 200 choice




Workout: 2 by 30min Steady State Run

wu: 15min, RPE-5 ( 9:00/mile or slower)

Main: 2X30min, RPE-7 ( 8:40-8:20/mile) HR- 150-160bpm. RBI= 4min easy running (9:00/mile or <)

cd: 15min easy, (9:00/mile or <).


  • 1st 30min Steady State: X:XX min/mile Avg HR 138bpm Max HR 146bpm 169 cadence
  • 2nd 30min Steady State: X:XX min/mile Avg HR 148bpm Max HR 156bpm 177 cadence
  • Total Duration: 1hr 35min
  • Total Distance: 10.44 miles
  • Avg Pace 9:08 min/mile
  • Avg HR 142 bpm
  • Avg Cadence: 174 spm


  • Start: 1 bananna & 1 gel
  • 12oz water
  • 1 gel
  • 8 base salt licks


All in All it was a good workout, I am looking forward to tomorrows recovery run and my legs feeling a little better and less sore.



Workout: 1.5hr Enurance Run

8:50-9:30/mile, RPE-6. Keep this effort conversational


  • Duration: 1hr XXmin
  • Distance: XX miles
  • Avg Pace: XX mile/min
  • Avg HR: XXX bpm
  • Avg Cadence: XX rpm






Workout: 45min Recovery Run

9:30/mile or slower, RPE-5.


  • Duration: 1hr XXmin
  • Distance: XX miles
  • Avg Pace: XX mile/min
  • Avg HR: XXX bpm
  • Avg Cadence: XX rpm





Workout: 2hr Progression Endurance Runs 

Progression Endurance Run->

Run Endurance effort, RPE-6 (9:30-8:40/mile) for first hour. Finish last hour @ 8:40-8:25/mile

5min walk recovery after run.







Workout: 3hr Endurance Run

11:07-7:33/mile, All day pace, RPE-6.

Progressively build from 9:00/mile to low 8:00/mile over the 3hrs.

Take 20-30sec a mile off per hour of running.


  • 1st Hour: 9:21 min/mile Avg HR 136bpm Max HR 169bpm 168 cadence
  • 2nd Hour: 8::50 min/mile Avg HR 142bpm Max HR 149bpm 170 cadence
  • 3rd Hour: 9:09 min/mile Avg HR 146bpm Max HR 153bpm 168 cadence
  • Total Duration: 3hr 02min
  • Total Distance: 20.01 miles
  • Avg Pace 9:07 min/mile
  • Avg HR 142 bpm
  • Avg Cadence: 170 spm 
  • Start: Bananna & Gu Gell
  • Mile 5: Gu Gel
  • 1hr 12oz water & Gu Gel
  • 2hr 12oz water & Gu Gel
  • 2:30hr 12oz water & Gu Gel
  • 3hr Run Over Drank 20oz water
  • Base Salt: About 13 licks during the entire run.
  • Total Water: 48oz
  • 1 Gel at Start + 3 Gel During
  • 3770mg of Sodium

This was my longest run so far. I was surprised to see that I had made it 20 miles at the end.

My Plan was to run the first hour at 9:20, 2nd hour at 8:50, 3rd hour at 8:20. The firs two hours were pretty much right on, the third hour not so much. Here are a few reasons why.

The first hour had a long downhill, so that made it easier to keep the pace plus I was just starting out so I felt good.

The second hour was pretty much flat and I planned to turn around at the 30 min mark of this hour.  I was some work but I was able to keep the pace at 8:50, I was starting to feel it by the end of the 2nd hour.

The third hour besides being the last and the fastest had a big uphill in it. The same up

20161002 ele pace

20161002 hr pace

What I Learned:




Week Review



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