Another big week getting ready for the Marathon and this week I am getting ready for the Craft Classic Half Marathon in Atlanta, GA.

Before I get to far ahead lets start at the beginning of the week.


September 5 to September 11, 2016


This was an off day and more importantly it was labor day, so not much work happening today.



 Tempo Run 3 by 8 minutes

wu: 15min easy running, 10:30/mile or slower

main: 3X8min @ 8:15-8:30/mile. RBI= 4min easy running

cd: 15min easy running, 10:30/mile or slower



Recovery Run 30 minutes 

 30 minute run at a 10:30 minute pace

30 min / 126 bpm / 10:06 min per mile

This was a super easy run on the treadmill. My average heart rate was 126, which anytime I see my HR in the 120’s during a run it feels good. Not sure if it is a good thing or not but it feels good because I am exercising and my heart is not having to work very hard

I also noticed my HR was pretty high at the start of the run, I wonder if this is me just getting settled in or if it is the monitor and watch just getting settled in. I do not remember the any trouble at the start of the race.

Most importantly, I was able to watch more of Stranger Things while running.  I may need to find more ways to get in treadmill sessions to watch more of the show.

Question for Coach: I think my recovery runs call for a pace slower than 10:30, I felt very good running at 10:06.  Do I need to slow down my pace or is it okay to run at a faster recovery pace if everything feels good and my avg hr is 126 bpm?



 Tempo Run 1 by 15 minutes

wu: 15min easy running, 10:30/mile or slower

Main 1X15min T, RPE-8 (8:15-8:30/mile).

cd: 15min easy running, 10:30/mile or slower.



 Recovery Run 20 minutes

Nice and easy run to keep the legs loose.



 Craft Classic Half Marathon

Run 10min easy (10:30/mile or slower). After warm-up get in 5X 20sec strides (gradually building to top speed and gradually slowing down). ** Full recovery between strides

This is just a training race that we are using in your build up to Philly Marathon.

This should still be run at 1/2 marathon effort. This would be roughly 9min-9:30/mile


Endurance Run 1 hour

10:00-10:30/mile. Conversational run! 






Looking forward to next week 5! See you then  🙂