Hot Chocolate Atlanta

Everything you need to know about the Atlanta Hot Chocolate Race


2016 Hot Chocolate Atlanta:

What you need to know

Distance:  5K (3.1miles)  15K (9.1miles)

Date: Sunday January 24, 2016

Race Location: Turner Field, Atlanta, Ga

Start Time: Corral A 7:40   Corral B 8:25

What you get: 

  • A sweet Jacket (see below)
  • Race Entry
  • Race Bag
  • Finisher mug with chocolate and dipable snacks
  • Free Race Pictures


  • 5K $34-$54
  • 15K $54-$74 for the 15K

Registration: 2016 Hot Chocolate Alanta Registration

Race Expo Location: Georgia World Congress Center


Hot Chocolate 5K/15K Coupons 

Coupons always make a race better. I have seen a few coupons for the Hot Chocolate Race from time to time. I think with a bit of research we can find out they types and pattern of coupons that are availbe for the Hot Chocolate Race.

To be fare the tierred pricing most running events use are already a form of a coupon. The race offers you a lower entry fee for signing up sooner. So if you know you are going to participate then it is best to sign up right away. And then pretend to your significant other you have not signed up for the race until the event gets closer.

2015 – 2016 Codes

I have not seen any codes for the 2015 and 2016 races.  If I do I will post them here. If you know any codes contact me and I will get them added to the page.

Ambassador  & Free Hat Coupons

I feel like I have seen coupons and codes given to the different race ambassadors which take a few dollars off the registration fee and then later (2014-2015 races) you could get a free hat with registration. I know the free hat coupon existed because I used it a year ago for the 2015 Atlanta race.  I even think I was able to apply it to my account after I had signed up for the race.

In 2013 & 2014 it looks like blogger ITZ LINZ had coupon codes.  2013:ItzLinzMug   2014: ItzLinzHat so it looks like in 2014 instead of money off the race you got a free hat

Here is another example of the free hat code PHILLYHAT1 It was good for the 2015 Philadelphia Race.

Previous Coupon Codes

 $5TREAT – This code takes off $5 on registration and was only good for the Chicago Race

CLBMOM2012HC – I think this code took 10% off the registration fee

ORANGETHEORY10 – I think this tool 10% off the Arizona Race and is probably related to an Orange Theory Promotion

RAM2014JAGUAR – I think this took of 15% and was good in 2014

HCSD2014EVA – Think this took off 10% and is related to the San Diego Race


2016 Race Details

The 2016 Jacket

2016 hot chocolate jacket

2016 15K Finisher Medal

2016 hot chocolate atlanta 15k medal


Gear Check

Gear check is provided which is nice, so if you take public transportation or walked you have a safe place to leave your extra clothes and whatever else.

Here are the directions on how to use gear check.


2016 Course

15K Course

The course is a loop and goes through downtown and midtown Atlanta.  You start at Turner field then head east over to Grant Park, then north crossing over I-20, then up to Memorial Drive,then north up to Highland avenue then further north to 6th Street then to 5th Street, through georia tech, then south down Centenial Park drive, to mitchell street then to the Georgia Capital and back to turner field.

5K Course


5K & 15K Course Map

Start Times

The race is divided into two waves one starts around 7:40 the second is 8:25 

Post Race

After you finish the race, there is a big area with music and your finishers mug. They call it a race party, I am not sure I would call it a party, more of you just finished the race, here is some food and a place to meet up with everyone else.  The post race finish mug is complete with chocolate for dipping anything and everything in.




Past Hot Chocolate Atlanta Events

First Event: Janury 13, 2013

Jacket, Bibb & Finisher Medal

2013 hot chocolate 15k hoodie 364 

2013 Race Recaps


2013 Results:  


2nd Year: January 26, 2014

Jacket, Bibb & Finisher Medal

2014 hot chocolate atlanta swag 600Photo Courtesy of Divas Run for Bling


2014 hot chocolate atlanta 15k medal


2014 Race Recaps


2014 Results:  


3rd Year: January 25, 2015

Jacket, Bibb & Finisher Medal

2015 hot chocolate jacket

2015 hot chocolate atlanta 15k medal 600


2015 Race Recaps


2015 Results



 In Closing

Thanks for checking out my page about the Hot Chocolate Atlanta

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