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Books by Jack Daniels

Daniels Running Formula – 1st Edition

Daniels Running Formula – 2nd Edition

Daniels Running Formula – 3rd Edition  Interesting Note: Jack said he would not write a 3rd edition of the book unless they put a woman on the cover.


Articles by Jack Daniels

Running Training: Principles and Needs by Jack Daniels — this is a five part series providing a good overview of his concepts. Written in 2000.

Cruise Control



Run SMART Project Youtube Channel


Types of Training: Easy

Key Points from Video

  • Four types of training running, first is easy running
  • Easy Running is conversational
  • Stroke volume maxs out at 60%
  • Time spent running causes several good things to happen
  • Easy Running strengthens heart muscle


Types of Training: Threshold

Key Points from Video

  • 82 to 88% of Max or Comfortably Hard
  • Threshold is speed where lactate accumulation is steady state
  • Can run about 1 hour at threshold speed
  • Threshold training improves endurance


Types of Training: Interval

Key Points from Video

  • 97 to 100% of max heart rate
  • Interval you should be at your VO2 Max
  • limit Intervals to 5 min
  • you can probably only run 10 to 12 minutes at your VO2 max
  • This is considered Hard Running
  • This type of training improves Aerobic Power


Types of Training: Repetition

Key Points from Video

  • Higher speed bigger rest
  • take big rests before next rep
  • This type of training improves your speed and economy
  • reps are not as hard as intervals
  • reps are faster and shorter
  • reps are run at your current mile race pace


 Can Easy Days be to Easy?

Key Points from Video

  • Easy days can not be too easy if the mechanics are good
  • Do not feel bad about dropping out of a run if you are not feeling good


How To Increase Your Training Properly (Beginner)

Key Points from Video

  • For beginner runners first step is to just increase amount
  • For beginners do not worry about increasing speed

Jack Daniels on Increasing your weekly Mileage

Key Points from Video

  • An athlete can increase their weekly mileage by the number of weekly runs.
  • If you run 3 times a week, you can increase weekly mileage by 3 miles.
  • If you run 7 times a week, you can increase weekly mileage by 7 miles.
  • Max number of miles to increase is 10 miles
  • Only increase mileage once every four weeks


Dr. Jack Daniels On Altitude Training

Key Points from Video

  • Altitude training is good but not the end all to be all
  • Many factors in addition to altitue can improve performance
  • High Altitude is typically cool dry weather, which is a good thing
  • This statement is NOT true: “You can not be elite without Altitude” 


Rest Days

Key Points from Video

  • Fitness does not drop off quickly
  • Rest and recovery is part of training
  • Rest and recovery is not avoiding training
  • There arer benefits to resting

Easy Pace

Key Points from Video

  • Easy Pace can vary, if you faster pace feels comfortable then run slower
  • If you are not feeling well you can run slower
  • If you mechanics are bad then you should not run




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