The headlamps on our list will be judged by many factors including, brightness, weight, battery life, cost, and ease of use. This list is ordered randomly, as some headlamps are more practical for some users than others.

1.Petzl Nao – $155

Petzl Nao

When it comes to headlamps that provide high-quality beams, the Petzl Nao is at the pinnacle. The beams will illuminate as long as 125 meters ahead of you, providing you with a bright running trail. One of the main features here is the reasctive lighting which adapts using a sensor in the front which maintains an even amount of lighting while saving battery life. The Petzl Nao is very easy to use because of it’s usb charging port. The only con besides it’s steep price, is that if you run in on high-mode at all times the battery will not last very long.

2.Light & Motion SoLite 250EX – $170

lightmotion solite 250ex

The SoLite 250Ex might be the most well rounded headlamp on the list with great brightness and an astonishing up to 8 hours of battery life. It has a USB port and is actually pretty light allowing you to use it on a pretty regular basis. Don’t let the steep price scare you away from this headlamp because you will not be disapointed with the quality.

3.Fenix HP25 – $70

Fenix hp25

If you’re into that heavy duty type equipment and just want a very BRIGHT light, then the Fenix HP25 is for you. With a pretty reasonable price of $70 and such powerful lights you’re probably wondering what could go wrong with this light. Well the thing is that this thing is HEAVY compared to the other variety of headlamps on the market right now. As well as it’s weight, it has a very short battery life, which is probably to be expected with such great brightness. If what you’re looking for is a light that projects up to 160 meters FAR and you don’t care about weight or any of that other crap, you will love this light.

4.Black Diamond Sprinter – $80

black diamond sprinter

In my opinion there is not a more appropriate name for the Black Diamond Sprinter for multiple reasons. One, this thing is extremely practical, with a very innovative and light design going for it, making it the most appropriate for most urban use. Two, this thing has pretty good brightness FOR A WHILE (the next reason). Three, this thing is like a sprinter because of the disapointing, short-lived battery life which makes it kind of unpractical for many distance runners/hikers. However if you love things to be as efficient as possible (almost like an olympic sprinter) and you aren’t going out for extended periods of time without a power source, this headlamp is probably just right for you.

5.Black Diamond Icon – $90

blackdiamond icon

The Black Diamond Icon is very different compared to it’s counterpart, The Sprinter. This headlamp excels in having a long battery life (about 9.4 hours to be exact) and has much better beam distance and width than the Sprinter. It’s only short-comings are it’s relatively expensive price and it’s heavy/bulky design. It’s still a very well made headlamps which serves useful for people who might run longer night-relays or who go on long bike rides in the early morning or late-night.

6.Petzl Tikkina – $20

petzl tikkina

You’ll probably get the most value out of the Petl Tikkina than any other headlamp on the market right now. For an affordable price of only $20 this headlamp actually offers pretty good, light design with suprisingly high battery life. The Petzl Tikkina is easily the best budget headlamp on the market.


What did you think of the list? Are there any headlamps you would’ve included? Let us know in the comments!