Nothing is complete without a list.


When looking for running training info, gear info or just about anything else about running, I find some of the best information from blogs and personal websites. Many times I forget where they are located so here is a list, mainly so I can remember all the great sites I find on the inter webs.



Fantastic Running Sites & Blogs

Runner Transformed — Haley, San Diego. Very personal take on running what it means and race recaps.   She runs many 1/2 and Full distance marathons.

Lazy Girl Running — Laura Fountain, England. Great site that also offers training, talks about running long distances and she has qualified for Boston. 


Endurance / Ultra Marathoning

Travis Macy  Twitter  Insta

Rich Roll


Olympian / Marathoning

Meb Kelezighi  Instagram: @runmeb Twitter: @runmeb

Shalane Flanagan Instagram: @shalaneflanagan Twitter: @ShalaneFlanagan Facebook  

Dorothy Beal Instagram: @mileposts Twitter: @MilePosts



 Running / Lifestyle

A Cup of Kellen — Kellen, San Diego. Food, Fitness, Lifestyle – I found this site because she was a race ambassador Craft Classic in San Diego. This is a good site with not only running but blogging insight. She has a great voice and unique style.