101 of the Best Running Bloggers to Follow

There are so many great running sites and blog full of insightful information and inspiration. This is my list of running bloggers. The styles and distances vary, most of them will focus on longer distances from Half Marathons to 100 milers.

Steven Johnson
by | Posted: October 5, 2016 |
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Nothing is complete without a list.


When looking for running training info, gear info or just about anything else about running, I find some of the best information from blogs and personal websites. Many times I forget where they are located so here is a list, mainly so I can remember all the great sites I find on the inter webs.



Fantastic Running Sites & Blogs

Runner Transformed https://runnertransformed.com/ -- Haley, San Diego. Very personal take on running what it means and race recaps.   She runs many 1/2 and Full distance marathons.

Lazy Girl Running http://www.lazygirlrunning.com/ -- Laura Fountain, England. Great site that also offers training, talks about running long distances and she has qualified for Boston. 


Endurance / Ultra Marathoning

Travis Macy http://www.travismacy.com/  Twitter  Insta

Rich Roll


Olympian / Marathoning

Meb Kelezighi https://marathonmeb.com/  Instagram: @runmeb Twitter: @runmeb

Shalane Flanagan Instagram: @shalaneflanagan Twitter: @ShalaneFlanagan Facebook  

Dorothy Beal Instagram: @mileposts Twitter: @MilePosts



 Running / Lifestyle

A Cup of Kellen http://www.acupofkellen.com/ -- Kellen, San Diego. Food, Fitness, Lifestyle - I found this site because she was a race ambassador Craft Classic in San Diego. This is a good site with not only running but blogging insight. She has a great voice and unique style.



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