Found a bunch of old photos from when I was a Cape Cod Sea Camps Camp Counselor and thought it would be fun to post them for others to see.

If you know any of the details around any of the images get in touch and let me know.

Also if you are in any of the photos and would like the image taken down please let me know.

Here we go!

Monomoy – Wono Sign

ccsc monomoy wono sign 1200 857

Not sure where this sign is located on the property, does anyone know if it is still there? 

Kid Painting

ccsc kid painting 1200 857

 I feel like this kid might have been been named Andrew and was in the Scouts when the photo was taken. If this was the Andrew I am thinking of he brought a dust buster to camp. Best thing to bring to camp ever.

Do you know who this is?  Did you bring a dust buster to camp?


Camp Counselors

ccsc melissa steven 1200 857

Not sure where the photo was taken. It would have been offsite maybe at a house party

From Left to right:  Sarah???, Not Sure, Melissa Dennick, Not Sure, Steven Johnson 


Two Kids Sailing 

 ccsc kids sailing 1200 857

 Your guess is as good as mine on these guys.  One thing I know is that they are having fun!

I think they yellow crop marks are there because this image was used in the calendar.


Camp Cup Winners

ccsc cup winners 857 1200

It has been a while so forgive me for not remembering all the exact names of the awards.

I think these are the cup winners, I am not sure who the guys, I want to say Bart Richards but don’t think that is right.

Brooke Hurlihy might be the other winner.

Does anyone have any more details around this photo?

ccsc girl cup winner 857 1200

I believe this is Nancy Garran presenting the cup to Brooke Hurlihy


Let me know what you think of these photos and if it it worth posting more.


Have a great new year!