Billy Strings Concert Atlanta, GA State Farm Arena March 10, 2023

Last night we saw Billy Strings at the State Farm Arena in Atlanta, Ga, was fantastic! What Billy is able to do is INSANE! Myself, my cousin and friends lucked into seeing the show from one of the corporate boxes and I can confidently say “Good Time had by All!”

Who is Billy Strings?

Billy Strings is an American guitarist and bluegrass musician and is known for his unique blend of bluegrass, rock, jazz, and psychedelia.

He has released three studio albums:

  • Turmoil & Tinfoil (2017)
  • Home (2019)
  • Renewal (2021)

His most recent release is “Me/And/Dad”. I was released in 2022 and s a collaboration with his stepfather, Terry Barber.

The Show

Billy opened with Red Daisy, which won song of the year in 2022 at the International Bluegrass Music Awards. They then followed with some solid guitar picking with unbelievable playing style.

Set 1

  • Ernest T. Grass
  • The Hobo Song (Video from that night)
  • Nothings Working
  • Lumpy, Beanpole & Dirt
  • I’ll Be Gone a Long Time (Video from that night)
  • Key Signator
  • Meet Me at the Creek
  • This Old World
  • Uncle Pen
  • Dust in a Baggie
  • Peach Pickin’ Time in Georgia
  • Unwanted Love

Set 2

  • My Little Georgia Rose (Bill Monroe and the Bluegrass Boys cover)
  • Away From the Mire
  • Living Like an Animal
  • Long Forgotten Dream
  • Willin’ (Little Feat cover)
  • My Alice
  • Bronzeback
  • Know It All
  • In the Morning Light
  • Ole Slew-Foot (Johnny Horton cover)
  • Psycho (Eddie Noack cover)
  • Thunder (Robert Hunter cover)


  • Georgia Buck (Doc Watson cover) (Solo-banjo)
  • Roll On Buddy Roll On (Bill Monroe and the Bluegrass Boys cover)

Set List at

Videos from Billy String’s 2023 Atlanta Show

Took a few videos from the show, wanted to get in the band while capturing the giant screens so you can see the performers up close. I think they came out pretty good.

I’ll Be a Gone a Long Time

The Hobo Song

Key Signator

Final Thoughts

All I can say is that it was a fantastic show and so glad I was able to see them live. Seeing them live is even more impressive than on the records.

Should You get the chance, I say go!