Lego Sets for Sale

I like lego sets, opened ones, new in box, vintage, and incomplete. Here is my list of lego sets I have for sale. I am always buying, selling and trading. Let me know if anything looks interesting to you or if you think you have something I can not live without.

Steven Johnson
by | Posted: January 9, 2018 |

Below are a list of sets and Lego I have for sale.  The items will change over time and the prices might not always be 100% accurate, sometimes they could be high and sometimes they could be lower. As you know some sets become more collectible over time. I always try to sell sets at a fare market value price. If you are interested in anything please let me know.  Thanks! -- Steven


Modular Sets


Pet Shop - 10218

10218 lego pet shop set packaging


I have one copy remaining and will sell it for $200 (maybe less maybe more depends on what current prices are)


Haunted House - 10228 

10228 the haunted house box 1500x1500

i have one new in box copy for sale


Collectible Minifigures


I have lots of collectible minifigures for sale


Simpsons Series 1 

I have probably 2 complete sets for sale.  These are very collectible and not as common as the 2nd Simpsons Series


Series 12


Series 13


Series 14


Series 15


Series 16


Series 17


Batman Series 1


Lego Ninjago



UCS Tie Fighter 75095

 I have one new in box copy for sale

 New price $199.95


Train Sets

I have one cargo train new in box set for sale


Winter Village Sets


I have a couple of new in box Winter Village sets


Toy Story




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