All Nightmare Before Christmas LEGO sets

Super excited that two fantastic worlds have collided.  LEGO bricks and The Nightmare before Christmas.

Here we will have a complete list of all things Lego and The Nightmare before Christmas.

Nightmare Before Christmas Brickheads


Jack & Sally Collectible Minifigures

Jack & Sally LEGO Brickheadz - 41630

Jack and Sally LEGO Brickheads 41630

LEGO has created a Brickheadz set of Jack Skellington & Sally

Set Number: 41630



Jack & Sally LEGO Collectible Minifigures

In Series 22 of the Collectible Minifigures, there is a Jack Skellington and Sally.

Super excited to see these items.



What's Next?

What do you hope to see next from LEGO?  What do you think they will release next?

I would love to see:

Oogie Boogie

Lock, Shock, and Barrell

Do you think the could come up with a full set of 18 characters from the Movie? A full set of Nightmare before Christmas Collectible Minifigures would be AWESOME!

Let’s create a list and get LEGO to do it. 🙂

Maybe we create a post about the 18 different characters