All Ferrari Lego Sets

All Ferrari Lego Sets

What is better than LEGO and Ferrari?  Ferarri Lego Sets. Over the years the two companies have paired up for some pretty fantastic collaborations. I have done my best to list them all here if you know of any missing ones let me know in the comments or contact form and I will do my …

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All Nightmare Before Christmas LEGO sets

Steven JohnsonInterested in Cycling, Running, Web Design, and reading reviews of products I will never buy. If you see me looking at my phone I am probably playing Pokemon Go. To the person who stole my Fitbit, let’s keep it up. We had a great July, now is not the time to lose momentum.

Lego Sets for Sale

FULL   LARFE MEdium           Below are a list of sets and Lego I have for sale.  The items will change over time and the prices might not always be 100% accurate, sometimes they could be high and sometimes they could be lower. As you know some sets become more collectible …

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Collectible Minifigures

      Series 1 Set Number: 8863 Release Date: March 5, 2010   Series 2 (8684) Series 3 (8803) Series 4 (8804) Series 5  Series 6 () Series 7 (8831) Series 8  Series 9 () Series 10 (71001) Series 11 () Series 12 (71007) Series 13 (71008) Series 14 (71010) Series 15 (71011) Series …

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All Monster Fighters Lego Sets

  About the Monster Fighter Theme Introduced in May of 2012 Very Cool theme (IMO) Short lived, not 100% why. 10 Sets Some sets are remake from an earlier “Studios” theme Lots of Glow in the Dark Parts I think a Monster Fighter Video Game was created   Checkout the Moster Fighter Backstory?   All …

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Lego Modular Buildings

Lego Modular Buildings

Here are all the Lego modular buildings     Café Corner Set Number: Number of Pieces: Release Date: 2008 Original Price:   Market Street Set Number: 10190 Number of Pieces: 1236 Release Date: 2008 Original Price:   Green Grocer Set Number: 10185 Number of Pieces: 2352 Release Date: 2008 Original Price:   Fire Brigade Set …

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Lego Collecting Advice

When looking for some tips about getting setup with Lego’s I found these helpful posts   Tom Alphin has some good advice.  He is also the author of the Lego Architect, a great book which I already own.      Great Post about opening a Lego Brick & Mortar Store   …

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