If you are anything like me, you want to make sure you are getting the best tool for the job and not spending your money on features you do not need. Which leads us to this post, EVOC bike travel bag, and Evoc Bike travel bag pro seem to be the way to travel with your bicycle.

I had difficulty finding the difference between the two of them, so as I did my research and continue to do so these are my notes.

General Differences

The Pro version is a little lighter but more importantly, it has an improved inside layout with better features for securing your bike.

Another notable difference is the disk brake rotor protection.  The original bag has some protection while the Pro version is much more substantial.

Bike Travel Bag (Original)

Here you can see how a mountain bike and road bike will fit into the original bag.

Mountain bike in Bike Travel Bag
Mountain bike in Bike Travel Bag
Road Bike in Evoc Travel Bag
Road Bike in Evoc Travel Bag

Bike Travel Bag Pro

Mountain Bike Packed

Here you can see mountain bike its rear wheel of the bike fit into the travel bag pro.  When compared to the original, there are more straps, padding, and protection to keep the bike safe and secure. Included with the pro version is the frame pad, which wraps around the top and bottom tubes.

When it comes to wheels, disc brake rotors and cassettes, there is more protection. There is a thicker guar protecting the rotor and two braces to help protect the entire wheel.

Road Bike Packed

As you know road bikes are much smaller than mountain bikes, so you will have more room for your bike or more room to pack a larger bike.

In addition to the frame pad EVOC provides a road bike adapter to help keep everything snug.  the road bike adapter fits around the front forks.

The same wheel protection will help protect your cassette or disc brakes if your road bike has them.


This one is pretty straightforward the Original bike travel bag is available in five colors and the pro model is just two.

Travel Bike Bag (original) Colors

Travel Bike Bag PRO Colors


While the bags are pretty much the same the dimensions are a little different and one size could be a bit better depending on your bike style and size.

FeaturePro BagOriginal Bag
FeaturePro BagOriginal Bag
Volume:280 Liters280 Liters
Bag Weight:8000 Grams9000 Grams
Clip-on Wheel Weight:140 GramsNone
Road Bike Adapter Weight:250 GramsN/A
Length:139 cm136 cm
Depth:36 cm39 cm
Height:80 cm80 cm
Outside Dimensions:139 x 36 x 80 cm136 x 39 x 80 cm
Internal Dimensions:130 x 27 x 78 cm128 x 27 x 78 cm
Collapsible to:139 x 36 x 22 cm136 x 39 x 25 cm
Skate Wheels:YesYes
Clip-on Wheel:YesNo
Included Extras:Road Bike Adapter, Frame Pad, and Clip-on WheelNone

Bike Travel Bag (original)

Bike Travel Bag Pro

Differences according to the EVOC FAQ

I found the EVOC FAQ and here are what they say the differences are.

Essentially they say that the Pro Bag is a newly designed bag, with aluminum construction, molded parts, more warp resistant and lighter.

  • The Pro Bag is lighter 8000g compared to 9000g. About 2.2 pounds lighter.
  • Pro Bag wheels are smoother, quieter and better.
  • Pro Bag has tougher external material.
  • Pro Bag has a clip-on wheel.
  • Pro Bag comes with a road bike adapter
  • Pro Bag has better disc brake protection
  • Pro Bag has better straps, clips, and velcro making it easier to use
  • Pro Bag has stronger and lighter bike blot.

You can see their faq here

Additional Resources

Wrap Up

I hope you have found this post helpful.

For me I think the Pro Bag is the way to go.  With that being said if I found a great deal on the original back I might purchase that one.

If you have any questions or additional information to add please let me know in the comments.  I will do my best to get the question answered or the post updated.