Summer Vacation 2015: Atlanta to South Bend by Train

This past summer our family took a trip by train from Atlanta to Washington DC to South Bend, Indiana by train.  This is our experience.

Maddie and Annie Waiting and Watching the Track

1 maddie annie watching the track 1200 675


Maddie and Annie on the train and ready to go

2 maddie annie on train 1200 675


To the Dining Car

3 time for dinner 1200 675


Maddie is Ready for Dinner

4 when will dinner be here 1200 675

A close look and you will see the butter in Maddie’s hand, I am pretty sure she emptied the full bowl of butter on the table.  Best Dinner Ever!

Back to our car for some Game Time

5 retiring to the game room 1200 675

Annie Free Climbs to the Top Bunk

6 annie climbs to the top bunk 675 1200


 Time to get ready for Bed

7 maddie says its time to get ready for bed 1200 675


Still Wound Up

8 still wound up 1200 675


One Last Hug Good Night

9 good night hug 1200 675


One final stop before bed

10 last stop before bed 1200 675


Train Activities

11 train activities 1200 675


Our Stop over in Washington DC

12 our stop in dc 1200 675


Spiders at the Smithsonian

13 spiders in dc 1200 675


Amber’s Worst Fears are Realized

14 worst mcdonalds in the world 1200 857


On the train from D.C. to South Bend

15 dining car two 1200 675


Train Station – View to the Left

17 train station 1 1200 675


Train Station – View to the Right

18 train station 2 1200 675


That’s What I call an Emergency Kit

19 emergency kit 800 1200



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