Now that we have our new addition and remodel complete, and the Atlanta Summer is here, it is time to get some ceiling fans.

I am pretty sure we are going with Haiku Fans, just need to decide on which sizes and colors.  If you are not familiar with these fans check out my post on the Haiku Fan Product Lineup.

Decisions to make:

  • What Blade Size?
  • What Finish / Color?
  • Any Accessories?

New Keeping Room Details

We have a new addition and remodeled downstairs. We went with reclaimed hardwood floors and a Craftsman-inspired feel.

Originally it was a poorly constructed glassed-in porch with no heating and air. We tore the junky sunroom, removed the rear exterior wall and added the new room, to create one large living space. It has been fantastic.

Now we need ceiling fans for that finishing touch.

Here is a rough layout of the space.  The map is not to scale. Soon I will get this drawn to accurate dimensions, but for now, hopefully, you get a general idea.

Layout of the Remodeled Space

The two X’s on the diagram are the location where the fans will be installed.

Haiku Floor Plan Layout

New Sun Room / Keeping Room Images

Selecting the Fan/Blade Size

As you can see the two fans will go in a 26-foot by 14.5-foot room. Two of the walls are open allowing the air to circulate further throughout the house, even though it is technically a different room.

I spoke with the helpful people at Haiku home, and they said a 52″ fan can cool a 15-foot by 15-foot room and a 60″ fan can cool a 20-foot by 20-foot room.

I essentially have two 14.5-foot by 13-foot rooms

Haiku Floor Plan Layout

So two 52″ fans may work the best.

I like the idea of 60″ fans but have concerns that the two fans may overwhelm the room and make the ceiling feet crowded.  I also have concerns that the 52″ fans may feel a little short and stubby.  Not sure how valid those concerns are since images from the internet can be a little misleading sometimes.

Unless Something Changes, I think we will go with the 52″ fans.

Selecting the Blade Material & Color

When it comes to the color and blade material and color, I think wooden blades will look the best. We have reclaimed hardwood floors and thinking a natural look would go best.

Haiku has two colors of wooden blades Caramel Bamboo and Cocoa Bamboo.

If you are interested in metal blades the options are brushed aluminum, oil rubbed bronze, satin nickel, black aluminum, white aluminum, polished aluminum and brushed copper.

In addition to the blade color, there is the hardware color. The caramel bamboo color has the most options including, white, black, satin nickel, and oil rubbed bronze.  The cocoa bamboo is available in black, satin nickel, and oil rubbed bronze.

Caramel Bamboo with Black Hardware


Caramel Bamboo with White Hardware


Coacoa Bamboo with Black Hardware


Haiku Fans in Rooms

It is one thing to see a bunch of product images but it is another to see the product in the setting where they will be.

Here are some pictures of Haiku fans installed in different rooms.  I originally gathered these to help get a better idea of what the color will look and feel like in different rooms.  The really nice images came from Haiku and are their images.

Any accessories?

For our new room, we do not need any accessories but for those who are interested, these are the accessories available.

Premium Remote

Each fan comes with a remote, should you need an extra they are $35 (as of June 2018). Looks like the remote also comes with a wall holder.

Haiku Premium Remote

Learn more about the Premium Remote at the Haiku Store

LED Light Kit

If you are interested in a light kit they are available in 4 colors, Black, Oil-Rubbed Bronze, Satin Nickel, and White. They cost $95 (as of June 2018)

Learn More about the Haiku LED Light Kits

All Haiku Accessories

Our Selections

Based on all of the information and research I have done, I am thinking.

52″ Inch Fans (if 60 can fit and not feel overwhelming I will go with those)

Caramel Bamboo with Black Hardware — I like the idea of a lighter colored fan on the ceiling, just as long as it does not conflict with the floors.  If needed and best I will go with the Cocoa Bamboo and black hardware.

What Color Combination would you choose?

Are you thinking about Haiku Fans?  Have any questions?

What colors and sizes are you thinking about?

What colors and sizes do you think would work best at our house?

Let me know in the comments.

I would love to know what others are thinking about.

Thanks! — Steven