Alberto Vargas Sailor Girl Pin-Up

Looking for ideas and inspiration for Sailor Girl Pin-up Tattoos?  You are in the right place.  A Sailor Girl Pinup is a classic and timeless representation of the art pin-up style. Through the years there have been quite a few pin-up artists that have created their own take, including Alberto Vargas, Olivia De Berardinis, Gil Elvgren, Sailor Jerry, as well as countless others. We have searched the web for the best and most varied examples of Sailor Girl Pin-up Tattoo ideas.

Pin-up Artists and Artwork

Alberto Vargas

Alberto Vargas, Peruvian born, was one of top pin-up artists and became known for the “Vargas Girl”. We were able to find a couple of “Vargas Girls” in sailor outfits. At least one of the drawings has been recreated as a tattoo.

Alberto Vargas Sailor Girl Pin-Up

Here she is in tattoo form

alberto vargas sailor girl pin-up tattoo

Another Vargas Girl Sailor Pin-up

Alberto Vargas Sailor Girl PIn-up blue outfit

For More information on Alberto Vargas, checkout:

Olivia De Berardinis

Born in California in 1948, Olivia De Berardinis created a career and life in pin-up and glamour themes. Below is an example of a Sailor Girl Pin-up complete with her own tattoos and the start of a sailor toy.

Olivia De Berardinis Sailor Girl Pin-Up

Here is another take on the same image.

Olivia De Berardinis Sailor Girl Pin-Up

Another Sailor Girl Pin-up, most likely from the pages of Playboy magazine with a caption from Hugh Hefner.

olivia de berardinis holly sitting pin-up girl

More about and from Olivia de Beradinis

Sailor Jerry

Sailor Jerry Pin-up Girl Flash
Sailor Jerry Navy Pin-Up Girl Flash
Sailor Jerry Sailor Girl Pin-up

Gil Elvgren

gil elvgren pinup sitting 1961
gil elvgren sailor girl pinup on rope ladder
gil elvgren sailor girl pinup on ladder
gil elvgren sailor girl pinup on boat rail

More about Gil Elvgren

Various Artists

These are great sailor girl pin-up but we just do not know who the artist is. The styles vary but all fit the genre.  If you happen to know who any of the artists are let me know in the comments and we will get the page updated.

sailor girl leaning pin-up two piece
sailor girl leaning on wall pin up post card
Sailor Girl Pin-up Black and Grey drawing
sailor girl pin-up windy
Sailor Girl on Anchor
sailor girl pin-up on anchor artwork

Pin-ups in Ads

A pin-up makes an eye-catching centerpiece for almost any ad.  Checkout a few of the ads we have found. If you know of any others put them in the comments and we will get them added.

sailor girl pin-up ahoy there ad
mermaid pinup for spiced rum
sailor girl pin-up ad

Sailor Girl Pin-up Tattoos

Pin-up Tattoo on Bicep

The bicep or top of the arm is a perfect place for a pin-up tattoo. The space has plenty of room and has a long vertical shape that will fit a pin-up perfectly. Also when wearing short sleeves the majority of the pin-up tattoo will be covered which some may prefer, that way you can pull up your sleeve to show it if someone asks.

woman with pin-up tattoo on arm
black grey sailor girl pin-up tattoo
vintage sailor pin-up girl tattoo by David Corden
pin up tattoo gil elvgren bicep

Okay so the Tattoo below is not a sailor pin-up but I did like the placement of her. It is a little lower on the arm and will definitely show below the short sleeve line.  So if you want more of her legs to show, this placement could work for you.

pin up tattoo bicep and forearm
sailor girl tattoo on arm
sailor girl pinup on anchor
sailor girl pin-up tattoo on bicep

Pin-up Tattoo on Forearm

The forearm is another excellent place for a pin-up tattoo. Like the bicep, the forearm is long and slender creating the right-sized canvas for a pin-up. It generally (almost always) better to keep her head near the elbow and the feet at the wrist end.

Whether the tattoo is on the top or bottom of the forearm it is up to you. In my opinion, it is best to let the pinup fill the space so that you give her enough room to incorporate some detail, but that is just my opinion.

alberto vargas sailor girl pin-up tattoo
black grey sailor girl pin-up tattoo
sailor jerry pin-up tattoo on forearm
Sailor Girl Pin-up on Anchor
Sailor Girl Pin-Up Traditional Tattoo On Forearm
Sailor Girl Pin-up Tattoo
sailor pinup girl tattoo with anchor on forearm

Pin-up Tattoo on Shoulder

The shoulder blade is another great spot for a pin-up tattoo. It is a relatively flat large surface giving you lots of room. In addition to being a nice canvas, the area is typically covered or should you need to cover the tattoo, then it is super easy to do.

Below we have several examples of sailor girl pin-ups placed on the shoulder.

sailor girl pin-up tattoo on shoulder blade black and grey
sailor girl pin-up tattoo with anchor on back shoulder
sailor girl pinup tattoo on shoulder blade

Pin-up Tattoo on Leg

Getting a pinup on your leg is another good spot. It is a tall narrow area. Me personally, I am not as big this placement but everyone is different, and if you are up for a leg pin-up tattoo, then go for it.

We have not been able to find as many examples of this placement, we were able to find a few.

sailor girl tattoo pinup on leg
gil elvgren pin-up girl tattoo