sw cassette book 1200x900

This is my starwars collection from when I was a kid

First I apolgize for not the best photos, I was in a hurry to get the pictures up here and I took them quickly with my phone


This is most of what I have, I feel like I might have some more people, that I have not found.

I also know I have a star wars hardcover book and a yodah that I need to add


Star Wars Cassette and Book

sw cassette book 1200x900


Remaining Parts to the Death Star

sw death star parts 1200x900.jpg

Yoda’s Domain

sw degobah 1200x900.jpg

Empire Strike Back Carrying Case 

I have the two trays that go inside

sw empire figure case 1200x900

Empire Strikes Back Lunchbox with Thermos

I think this way my 2nd Grade Lunchbox

sw empire lb all 1200x900.jpg

sw empire lb back 1200x900.jpg

sw empire lb front 1200x900.jpg

Empire Strikes Back Animals

some of the parts on the Taun Tauns are broken

sw empire1 1200x900.jpg

Star Wars People Image 1

sw figure 1 1200x900.jpg

Star Wars People Image 2

Some of these might not be Star Wars people.

sw figures 2 1200x900.jpg

All the Guns that go with the people

sw figure guns 1200x900.jpg

Guns and Jawa

I think these may be GI Joe Guns

 sw jawa 1200x900.jpg

A Knock Off Star World Carrying Case

It is not star wars but I think it should get some credit for being a knock off  🙂 

sw knock off case 1200x900.jpg

Land Speeder

sw land speeder 1200x900.jpg

Star Wars Lunchbox

I think we lost the thermos to this one

I think this was my 1st Grade lunchbox

sw lunch box back 1200x900.jpg

sw lunch box front 1200x900.jpg

Snow Speeder

sw snowspeeder 1200x900.jpg

People Display Stand

sw stand 1200x900.jpg

X Wing Fighter

sw vehicles 1200x900.jpg

Yoda’s Snake

I have the Yodah with coat somewhere

sw yodah snake 1200x900.jpg


 As I find more stuff I will get is added to this post.


If you are interested in anything please let me know.

It is time for everything to go to a good home.


Here are a few links to price guides






 Guide to Variants