I was originally thinking, something more basic, have a shaker feel to it. After looking at examples, It think my original plan may be been a bit basic.

Here are a couple examples of my first thoughts:

Or this window Example

Source: http://lovegrowswild.com/2015/09/farmhouse-window-trim/

Now I am now thinking of going with a more detail and definition.  Hopefully giving a little more detail to the trim could go well with the reclaimed hardwood floors.

Craftsman Moulding Ideas and Inspiration

Craftsman Door and Window Ideas

Craftsman Baseboard Ideas

This is still the basic baseboard but maybe we give a little extra details to any of the cased openings.

Moulding Resources

The Joy of Moldings This is a fantastic website with great ideas and resources.


Craftsman Trim Install Guides

This one is a little fancier wtih the angled parts at the top

Craftsman Moulding Systems

Windsor One: Also during my reseach I found Windsor One. It is a whole system of historically accurate mouldings. They have a Classical Craftsman Moulding Product Line  with a lot of good ideas.

Home Depot: I do not have a link but I think Home Depot has a Craftsman Moulding System

Here is a pinterest board with lots of examples


Our Plan Starting from the Top down

Top of Wall — Cove Moulding got the idea from this page https://windsorone.com/back-of-the-board/streamline-builders-finishes-up-for-a-white-christmas/

Top of Windows & Doors — http://cf.lovegrowswild.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/Farmhouse-Window-Trim-18.jpg

Bottom Of Windows

Baseboards —


Think it will come together nicely?