So we are looking at adding hardwood floors to our house here are all of my notes


Mr. Hardwood is super helpful and worth considering   Corey Ford is the owner and was fantastic to talk with on the phone



Rubio Finish could work very well

Greg at Pope Hardwood

770 499 0991


Joe Olive

Olive & Olive

770 928-9678

Spoke with Joe on the phone, he is super nice and knowledgeable.

They can do reclaimed white oak or new white oak that has a reclaimed feel to it.

They can also do shop finished floors or floors that are finished on site. The price is pretty similar, I think the finished on site might be a little more expensive.

They can use a Palman Magic Oil which is a hardwax finish. It will have a bit more of a satin finish, where the rubio can have a bit more of a super matte finish.

I hope to add some pictures of his work and fleshout the information above.




Authentic Pine in Locust Grove



Finish Options


I think this is a rubio finish