Things started out good when I saw this box sitting on our front steps.

Haiku Fan at Front Door
Haiku Fan at Front Door

MIni Review Overview

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The fan is shipped in a very well constructed box with good clean graphics.  it was super easy to open with the top just folding up and no packing tape to cut through.

Haiku Fan in Box
Haiku Fan in Box

Once you open the box, you are presented with some nice graphics and directions on where to go for different tasks.

Haiku Fan Box Open
Haiku Fan Box Open

Close up of the notes and graphics.

Haiku Fan Inside Box Notes
Haiku Fan Inside Box Notes

Remove the top level insert and you can see how the fan, airfoils and mounting kits are packages.  All securely packed and easy to unpack.

Haiku Fan Box Contents

The long box inside of the box contains all three of the airfoils. Each blade is packed inside of bubble wrap.  When I pulled them out, they felt well made and lightweight.

Unpacked Haiku Fan Airfoils or Blades

Now we can move on to the fan motor, it is securely packed in white styrofoam stuff and protected by a blue plastic bag.

Haiku Fan Motor Wrapped

Here is the Haiku Fan Motor out of the bag.

Haiku Fan Motor Side

Here is the same Haiku Fan Motor with a cat in the background.

Haiku Fan Motor with Cat in background

Airfoil and Mounting Hardware Kits

Here is everything you need to mount the blades to the fan and some parts to mount the fan to the ceiling.  I think some of the orange parts are for the LED light kit which I did not use.

Haiku Fan Airfoil Hardware Kit 2

The Low Profile Mounting Kit.  We have 8-foot ceilings to the low profile kit was the best / only way to go.

Haiku Fan Mounting Hardware Kit

Next out of the box is the remote.  It feels great in the hand, feeling substantial and sturdy

Haiku Fan Remote

The install guides are actual books, not a piece of thin paper that folds out to be the size of a US map.  The directions are easy to follow and have color pages when needed.

Haiku Fan Install Book

Here are all three of the books, the English instructions, Spanish & French Instructions and quality control docs for your specific fan

Haiku Fan Install Books


Now that we made it through all the items in the box, let’s move on to the installation.

Here are the three airfoils, the motor, and the airfoil attachment hardware.

The first step is to attach the airfoils to the motor. You will notice that each air foil has a different color dot and the motor has the same color dots.

When the fan is built and balanced, haiku keeps up with the location of each blade and it is up to you to put them back in the same spot using the color coordination.

No detail is overlooked.

Haiku Fan Parts Ready for Installation