Man reading book and computer

This site stays close to the standard image and video dimension.
Standard dimensions will make things easier to work with.

Featured Images

  • HD Video Aspect Ratio of 16:9
  • Dimensions 1280px by 720px
  • Keep the file size below 200K, the closer to 100K the better

Blog Post Content Images

  • These can be either standard photo dimension of 4 by 3 or video dimension of 16 by 9
  • The blog content area is about 890px including padding
  • The widest images can be is 855px
  • It seems that many of the images have been cropped to 1240px and then let WordPress scale them down.

Home Page Slider Images

Helpful Resources

Image Aspect Calculator:


Square Blog Post Images

The square images should be 400 by 400px

Astra Theme Settings

Astra is fantastic theme and this site was converted to it in September of 2018.

These are the settings and conventions that are being used here. Numbers could change but at least it should be close.

Global > Container

Width 1280px. The default 1200px. Not really sure how this was changed. I also think the theme has a 20px padding on both the left and right of the main container.

Site Width