restored a vintage 80’s trek touring bike

 Original Condition

blue trek orig 1024

 As you can tell the bike was in pretty good shape already.

It had been hanging in a garage for quite a few years.


The approach

I have built a few bike from the ground up. With this one having the age of the parts, and getting everything to fit just right and being able to locate everything I need, I chose to have a bike shop help me.  I went to FreeFlite bikes in East Cobb.


The idea was to improve comfort and performance while keeping everything looking as close to original as possible.


What was done

  • New Tubes  (the 30 year old tubes still held air)
  • New Tires
  • new brake pads
  • new brake hoods
  • new grip tape
  • new cables and housing
  • everything taken apart and cleaned


I also swapped the peadals so that my bike shoes could clip in.  My running shoes would not fit in the toe clips. I think running shoes must have become wider over they years.



 Restored Condition

blue trek updated 1024


Shifters and Drivetrain

Had the option to change the shifter to index shifters.  I opted to keep them the same original style.  I figure if you were going to update the shifters and drive train, might as well push it up to Di2.



If you look close on the down tube in the original picture you will notice a pump hanger. Not sure the last time I saw one of the in use.  

Now I have a tube with a couple CO2 pouches and an head in a lyzene bag in the back of my jersey.

Bike Computer

Gone was cateye spedometer with wires running down the stem and front fork.

I was able to easily transfer over a hub speed sensor and a crank mounted cyclometer and run everything wirelessly.  Much easier to get set up today and so much more data that can be collected.


First Ride

FreeFlite did a great job on everything. The first ride at silk sheets went great. I was able to keep up, it was the first ride of the year, so nobody was at their peak.

I will say for most of the ride I kept looking for the shifters to be on the brake hoods. It did not feel natural to reach down to shift gears. I am 100% positive I shifted less than when on a time trial bike with Di2 (electronic shifting) installed. Towards the end of the ride it all started to come together.




Anyone know what the orginal model of the bike might have been?

Any idea what the bike could be worth, not looking to sell, just curious.


Thanks! — Steven