The Butte 100 is a fantastic race, here is a collection of posts, video, and general information. Hopefully this information will help if you are considering this race.

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Date: Saturday, July 28th, 2018

Location: Butte Montana

Events: 25mile, 50 mile, 100 mile

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Interesting Info

Year Started: 2007   2018 is currently the 11th year

Winners ususally finish in 9.5 hours

14.5 hours seems to be the cuttoff

They have live tracking:

History of the Event

  • 2007 First Race held
  • 2010 the particpants went from 80 to 2016 (Tinker Jaurez registered)
  • 2011 226 racers signed up
  • 2011 Neon Army Established
  • 2012 The race appears to have a 250 racer limit
  • 2015 First year for the 25 mile race

History of the Butte 100 Course

Need to find details about how the course changed over the years

People Involved with the Butte 100

over the years there have been many people involved with the race.  This is not a complete list by any means, as I find websites and names of those associated with the race I will Put them here

Johns Wick — Race Communication Director around 2012 post about the history or the race and a promo for the 2012 Race  Another Race Post

What you need to know about the Race

Race Day Information

  • 6 AM — 100 mile starts
  • 8 AM — 50 mile starts
  • Noon — 25 mile Starts
  • 6PM — 25 & 50 mile Award Ceremony
  • 7PM — 100 mile Award Ceremony
  • 7:15PM — Raffle (for Racers & Volunteers)

Start / Finish Area

The start finish area near I-90, exit 223 (Homestake)

Not sure how you get from the race hotel to the start of the race.

The Course

Here is what you need to know about the actual event


the course is a figure 8, so no repeated terrain.

Here is the Official 100 mile race information page

Race Reports

Dirt Rag (August, 2012)

Montucky Mike (July 2015)

Stevewardsfitness  August 2012

News Article  KXLF

Travel & Accommdations

Flying to and from

Looks like there are 3 nearby airports you can fly

Butte   How many minutes from the Race Hotel?

Helena   How many minutes from the Race Hotel?

Bozeman  How many minutes from the Race Hotel?

Salt Lake City  now long of a drive is it from Salt Lake city airport to Butte?

Places to Stay

  • Hampton Inn (Sponsor Hotel)  around $170/night
  • Cooper King Hotel  around $170/night for two queen beds  have a pool
  • Comfort Inn  around $130/night for two queen beds
  • Miner’s Hotel  around $150/night for two queen beds
  • Iron Wheel  (did not have a place to book online)
  • Air BNB  Single rooms seem to start around $60, 4 people house are around 190 and up.

Note: I checked the all the hotel and Airbnb prices in late january, with an arrival date of Thurs and departure date of Sunday.  The prices are just meant to help you get a rough idea of prices.

Would be cool to have a map showing start of race, and where the hotels are located.

2007 Event







Race Date July 28, 2013


July 26, 2014


July 25, 2015

Race Results


July 30, 2016

Race Results:


July 29, 2017



July 28, 2018

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