Week 10 Review – May 21 to May 27

Last week was a big week and ended with the 5-hour ride in the North Georgia Mountains. It definitely feels like the beginning of the next phase.

This week I drop out one of the running sessions and replace it with a bike session.

The beginning of the week had trainer stuff then I move on to outside sessions

Whoop Results

Whoop Stats for week 10.

Here are my Whoop tracker stats.  I suppose one way you can look at it is the stats for my body,  how much effort, how well I recover, and how much I sleep each week.

This week I did much better on sleep averaging 6 hours 15 minutes per night instead of 5hours 53 minutes per night.

When I look at the strain on my body for the week it was about the same as last week 15.7 vs 15.8.

Better Sleep times Same Effort = Better Recovery

Hopefully, my improved recovery is a direct factor of move sleep because my recovery went from 56% to 65%.

Hopefully this week I can improve the trend of more sleep, it is not always easy but it is important.



Daily Training Session Details


Rest Day

Sleeping Seal


Workout: Outdoor Recovery Run — 1hr + 8X20sec strides

Description: Very easy + strides over the last 15min. Full recovery between strides

Results: Ran this one by myself, might have been better.  I was still recovering from the 5plus hours of riding a mountain bike on the roads in the north Georgia mountains.

I was still sore from the weekend and it felt like everything was slow and sluggish. Also felt like my heart rate was higher than it usually is for this loop.

I do know that my pace was slower than normal and I skipped the stride intervals at the end.

It was tough but I did get 1 hour of recovery running in. So that should count for something.



Workout: Indoor Bike Trainer — Muscle Tension 5x4min into 5X30sec Sprints


  • warm up: 10min easy + 4X30sec “sprints” w/ 1min RBI
  • main: 5X 4min MT (50 RPM). RBI= 2min very easy
  • 5min easy spin
  • 5X30sec “sprints” w/ 30sec RBI
  • cooldown: 10min easy

Results: Everything went well in this session except my count was off and I missed one of the 4-minute sessions. Actually, I think I did (4) 5-minute sessions rather than (5) 4-minute sessions.  Either way, I still put in a good amount of work.

I think as I did more of the muscle tensions sessions I was increasing the resistance. As I got closer to the end I could tell that I have enough in me to stick it out to the end and not blow up.

In the end, the sprint intervals went well and put in some solid effort.



Workout: Indoor Bike Trainer — Steady State Intervals 3x10min

Description: Aim for 228w avg for 3X10min SS intervals. RPE should be 8 out of 10 (hard).

Results: Session went well. As I realized I could make through all the sessions at 228W I started to increase the resistance.

Enjoyed the longer intervals, however, I was glad when they were complete.



Workout: Outdoor Mountain Bike Ride — Recovery Miles 90min

Description: Very easy ride today. Plan A: MTB ride trails. Plan B: MTB roads. Plan C: Trainer w/ 12X45sec Fast Pedal (120+ RPM). 45sec RBI

Results: I was able to make the outdoor ride happen.  Got it in at the end of the day.  I headed over to the trails at Sope Creek.

I rode the full figure 8 twice plus one loop of the top half.  Not sure I rode this at the easiest pace but all was feeling well and it was more fun to push it.

I also learned that the lower loop friday direction has a big / fantastic climb.  During the climb both times I go my HR up to 170.  A lot of effort but it all felt great.

Looking forward to riding these trails again.



Workout: Outdoor Mountain Bike Ride — Endurance MTB + 3X10min SS hill repeats

Description: Perform 3X10min SS intervals up a sustained hill climb (Road or trail). RBI= 2min very easy. Endurance riding to round out 2hrs

Results: Sad News.  This session did not happen.  It was a holiday weekend and just was not the time to get the session in.  On the plus side, we went to a sustainable area called Serenbee.  This felt a bit like people who felt more comfortable being in the matrix, but that is for another blog post.

Anyway, I did not get the session in but it was due to external factors, not just skipping it.

Sad Kid Missed Workout


Workout: Outdoor Mountain Bike Ride — Endurance Miles 5hrs

Description: Aim for 4-5hrs… conversational riding over a hilly route. Longer the climbs the better

Results: I got in an almost five-hour mountain bike session at blankets creek. A friend joined up with me for part of it.  I got in about 1 hour of riding then he joined up, we rode for a couple of hours together, then I finished off the day with another 1.5 hours.

The ride was good, and I could definitely feel the wear and tear during the ride. I tried to focus on keeping moving and staying focused and in control after a big climb giving you an elevated heart rate.  I feel like a good skill to have is the ability to stay focused and calm your body after or during a technical section.

I also worked on improving the lines I take.  Sometimes I would look for the easy and other times I would aim for the roots and more challenging ones.

After repeating the loops I could tell how well I was going through the different sections. I am sure as I ride more, I will get it dialed in even better.

It was a good day, also tiring.  I was pretty sore at the end and very sore the next day.


Started out the day eating a couple bananas and avocados before the start.  Over the course of the 5 hours, I drank 100fl ounces.  not sure if that is the right amount but that is what I had.

Along with a couple of bananas during the ride, I had about 4 GU gels.  I feel like I needed more calories but I was able to finish the ride fine.


Wrap Up

After a solid week of training, it is onto the next week.  I am about to crack into single digits with the week count.  The race is definitely getting closer.