Butte 100 Pretraining — 27 weeks to race

I know it is early and I know the Butte is a long way away but I have a long way to go.


Monday Jan.21.2018

Workout: Recovery Run 50min

Results: Completed on a treadmill.  Due to schedules, kids, and other factors, I think seveal of my runs may be done on a treadmill.  Not the most exciting but it does mean I get to catch up on my stories.  Not really sure what happened at the beginning other than, who knows. It would be awesome if my HR could recover that much during activity.

20170122 running 


Tuesday  Jan.22.2018

Workout: Power Intervals = maximal effort designed to improve maximal aerobic capacity (your bodies ability to use oxygen more efficiently).

Results: I made it through them.  I have a Kickr trainer and for the first time I was able to export the file from my CTS training peaks account, then get it into an app that would control my trainer.  This way I can do exactly what my Coach John Fitzgerald assigns.  I will work on getting an image of the results.  All in all it went well, but I was glad to have it done, it was a challenge and I could tell that my legs need to get stronger.


Wednesday Jan.23.2018

Workout: Recovery Run 50min

Results: My second run on the treadmill.  Went very well.  Nothing to challenging just good to keep up the consistency.  The dropout in pace was when I hit the stop button by accident after that I think I increased the pace.

20170124 treadmill


Thursday  Jan.24.2018

Workout: Power Intervals 12x1min 



Friday – Jan.25.2019

Rest Day:  Felt good to not have to wake up early


Saturday Jan.26.2018

Workout: Endurance Run 75min

Results: Felt great to finally get a long run, even if it was not super long.  8 miles is probably the furthest I have run since the Iceland Marathon.



Sunday Jan.28.2018

Workout: Endurance Miles 2hrs – Conversational riding

Results: It was a dark and stormy day, well it was overcast and rainy, I go the ride in early in the morning before the rain really started to fall.  It was good to be outside on the bike.  Ride went well, I was by myself and felt good the whole way through.



Thoughts for the Week.

Everything went very well for the first week back.  Probably the most important element was that I got all the assigned workouts in.  Establishing the consistency is probably the most important item right now.  


We will see what next week brings.  


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