Butte 100 Pretraining — 26 weeks to race

January 29th to February 4th — Pretraining

This week is about maintaining the consistency, building fitness and getting ready for the Tour of Sufferlandria.  Last week went well and looking to continue the trend.



Rest Day

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Workout: Endurance Run 50min + 5X20sec strides  Strides on the way back in. Full recovery between strides

Results: I was able to get this run outside, with a buddy on a familiar loop.  Did not get the strides but did make the loop and at a little faster pace than I would have if I had been on my own.  I was definitely glad when it was over. Still just getting back at it so any completed workout counts as a check in the win column.

20170130 hr



Workout: FTP Test

Results: My Coach John Fitzgerald(@ackfitz), assigned an FTP test that consisted of two all out 8-minute intervals. This would give us a baseline of where I am at on the bike and also can be used for performance gain testing in the coming months. 

I actually ended up doing a longer session using The Sufferfest full frontal video. Since I have a Wahoo kickr trainer, it can take a few extra steps to get the trainer set correctly and then ensure the results get uploaded to training peaks correctly.  I know when I use the sufferfest app it all goes smooth.  

The sufferfest video has 4 different tests, 7 sec all out sprints, 5 min give as much as you got, 20 min give as much as you got, and an anaerobic recovery test.  DC Rainmaker has a good write-up of this 4DP test here  For me, being the first time using this test I may not have had the trainer set correctly but I just stuck with it.  As I write this now, I can feel the soreness in my legs, so I think I put in a pretty good effort.

All in all, it was a good workout and learned a few new things about testing and the Kickr Trainer.

20170132 cycling



Workout: 50 minutes of recovery activity

Results: Got in the standard 6-mile loop.  All went well.  My body may have felt worse but overall I felt better.  Ran with a friend and if I had not been meeting up with someone else it would have been way more difficult to get out of bed.  I guess just goes to show how helpful a training partner or group is.  

20180201 running



Workout: Rest Day


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Photo by Stas Svechnikov on Unsplash


Workout: Tour of Sufferlandria Stage 1

Results:  For those not familiar with The Sufferfest, they have videos and app that hook up with a USB or smart trainer that put you through the paces and make sure you suffer appropriately.

Each year they run the Tour of Sufferlandria which is a 9 stage indoor bike tour  I have found it to be very helpful jump starting winter training and fun to be a part of something bigger while spending time on the trainer in the basement.

The first stage two videos combined  Who Dares and The Rookie.  The total time was just under 2 hours and it all went well.  I think I had the resistance a little low but I still suffered appropriately.  At the beginning of the tour, I want to ensure I make it through in better than complete pain.  So if everything is going well, no injuries and good mental attitude, I will increase the resistance as the tour progresses.

Speaking of injury, I did feel a little bit of a sharp pain in the tendons around my ankle.  Felt it on both ankles so I was not as concerned as if it had only been one ankle.  it would be there for a few minutes and then go away.  If anything, I hope it prompts me to do more ankle strength exercises and stretching.  It is so important but so tough to make your self-do.

I was a good session and looking forward to the Hot Chocolate and Stage 2 tomorrow.

20180203 suff stage1



Workout: Hot Chocolate 5K and the Tour of Sufferlandria Stage 2

Results: Let’s start with the hot chocolate 5K and it did not happen.  Everyone in our family was running the 5K, the weather in Atlanta, was pouring down rain and about 35 degrees.  So the conditions were a little too rough to get mom’s approval have little kids out in the cold and rain during flu season.  I think this might be the first race that I signed up for and did not enter.  Will have to think about signing up everyone next year.  it was about $250 in fees which is a lot to enter a race that is in January and February.  I might sign myself up for the 15K and can always drop down to the 5K if other want to enter.

Tour of Sufferlandria Stage 2.  Well not making the Hot Chocolate, meant I still had the opportunity to get some trainer time.  Today was stage 2 and the video was The Shovel & Power Station Mashup.  This was 2 hours and 6 minutes on the trainer.  It went very well, I just broke the event into 15-minute blocks and started counting down. first, there were 9, then 8, then 7. Slowly working my way down to completion.

I was able to stay strong and the toughest part was probably just staying seated on the bike for that long.  It has been a while since I spent that much time on the trainer and I am not quite broke in. Hopefully in a few more sessions staying in the saddle will not be as big of a deal.  Anyway, I made it. 

I had the FTP set at 175, which might have been a bit low but I wanted to ensure I made it through without having to reduce the power.  If I was in better fitness, I would be tempted to bump it up for a long session.

I made it through, felt much better about missing the Hot Chocolate and ready for tomorrow.

20180204 suff stage2


Week Review

All in all the week went very well.  I was able to get in all of the workouts and they all felt good.  So I now have two weeks of consistency going.

Feel a little sore, which is good, and I am keeping up with my sleep pretty well.  Having a Whoop monitor helps with that.  If you are not familiar with WHOOP, check them out here.  Perhaps in the future, I will write more about whoop,  if you have any questions please put them in the comments.  


See you next week. — Steven

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