Butte 100 Pretraining — 25 weeks to race

February 5 – February 11

This week is more bike as we are right in the middle of the Tour of Sufferlandria, If you are not familiar here are the 2018 Sufferlandria Stages  Looking forward to getting in some good time on the bike and starting to build fitness.

Last week I had my FTP set a little low so I pushed it up to 200 for the remaining of the rides and going forward.  I am sure my sit bones will be sore but it is all part of the process.  I will be away from home on Tues and Wed so I will have to figure out what I am going to do there.




Workout: Tour of Sufferlandria Stage 3, Getting Away with it

Results:  Was nice to have a shorter ride and I also bumped up the FTP setting to 200.   The ride felt good and all worked well.  

The gist of this video is that you sneak away from work to get in a ride.  Pretty entertaining.

2080205 stage3 getting away




Workout: Tour of Sufferlandria Stage 4, The Trick

Results: Another good ride, all went well and felt good the whole way through.

20180206 stage4 the trick



Workout: Tour of Sufferlandria Stage 5, Fight Club

Results: I was away from home and was not able to get this session in. Hopefully, I can to make it up later. 

tim trad away from home1200x675

Photo by Tim Trad on Unsplash



Workout: Tour of Sufferlandria Stage 6, Do as You are told

Results: I actually did stage 5 instead of stage six, so here are my results for Fight Club.  This one did not go as well as planned.  It was hard to get my head in the game from the beginning, I did make it to the end but it took some effort and ultimately lowering the FTP setting.  

I also got to experience a new term, it is a 

Will have to remember to ask Coach John of CTS on what the best way to handle these days?   I was not injured, so I figure it is better to stick it out

20180208 stage6



Workout: Tour of Sufferlandria Stage 7, The Chores

Results: ddd




Workout: Tour of Sufferlandria Stage 8, Butter + Thin Air

Results: ddd



Workout: Tour of Sufferlandria Stage 9, Kitchen Sink   Rode out side

Results: ddd


Week in Review

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