The Elemnt bolt is a fantastic bike computer and the Official Wahoo mount that comes with it is fantastic if you have modern, regular sized handlebars. What if your bars are larger or smaller? This is what happened to me and my solution



About handlebar sizes and bikes that might have different size bar diameters

Mountain Bikes

Some mountain bike bars have standardized on 35mm bars.


Classic Vintage

Why the Wahoo Mount will not work

Wahoo makes a great mount but it will only fit 31.8mm bars

If you bar size is not this modern standard you are out of luck.


Why Garmin Mounts will not Work

The mount is at a 90-degree angle from where it needs to be

The Garmin mount is slightly to narrow to fit the bolt computer.

Not sure why this happened, I think it has something to do with Garmin not making the 3d files of the mount available.  It would have been a whole lot better if Garmin and Wahoo could use the same mounts.



Possible Fixes


Convert a Garmin Mount

This solution is nothing new and has been done since the Elemnt bike computer first came out.


Other Posts and Resources about converting Garmin mounts to Wahoo Mounts!topic/wahoo-elemnt-users/SR7MIEW83xQ


If you do not want to modify your Garmin Mount then there is this option

 Garmin to Wahoo Adapter



K-Edge Mounts

K Edge makes mounts for all types of bikes, computer, lights, and camera.  They are located and all components are made in the USA out of Boise, Idaho.

For the Element Computers they have serveral options.


They will make options for 35mm mountain bike bars but not the smaller trek bars

K Edge Elemnt mounts with 35mm options

Wahoo Elemnt Mount

Wahoo Elemnt Combo Mount


The also have Several Stem Mount Options