Indust 22 inch BMX Bikes


I am interested in getting a BMX bike to ride with my kids.

I have two little girls and want to be able to ride bikes with them around the neighborhood, jump small kid ramps, make neighbors mad by riding through their grass. You know the fun stuff.

I have several bikes and they all so much bigger than a little kid bike. Looking for a bike where I will be more on their level.

What is a 22 Inch BMX?

In the beginning, the BMX has 20-inch wheels and pretty much still do. People really like the size but wanted to be able to go further faster so they added 24-inch wheels. 24 inch BMX bikes are commonly called ‘BMX Cruisers’

Still, haven’t told me about the 22″ BMX. The 22″ BMX is meant to be the best of both worlds. Small, quick, fun bike with wheels that are just a little bit bigger. I have ridden a 20 and a 24 and hope to ride a 22 soon.

The 22 has been talked about for a long time and I think in the 80’s Schwinn may have made one.  A few years ago maybe 2009 or 2010 boutique BMX bike builders started putting out 22″ wheels and frames to attach the wheels too.

The jury is still out if the 22 will pick up any market share. A few more companies are making them, there are a few forums and facebook pages dedicated to them but not a whole lot of info available.

That leads us to this post. I was trying to figure out just who sells them, what countries they are located in and how much the bikes cost and if they are even available.

This post is essentially my notes about what I learned. Hopefully, others find it helpful and maybe I will get some leads on other info about 22 inch BMX bikes. You never know.

Available 22″ BMX Bikes:

Faction Bike Company

Amero Faction 22 inch BMX

The Amero was first released in Early 2013.

It is not available as a complete bike but is sold as a kit which includes the frame, front fork, wheels, and tires for $699.99 $499.99 (price dropped in February 2014) and can be purchased from the faction online store. Individual parts can be purchased separately.

Free worldwide shipping. Shipping time from the UK to the USA is 5 to 7 working days.

The components needed to finish building a complete bike are all normal 20” BMX products. Which makes it easy to complete the build.

The frame and forks are available in either matte black or gloss white finish with the wheelsets in chrome rear wheel with a black front wheel or white rear with a white front.

Our wheels have a 10tooth hub on the rear so we recommend a 25tooth chainwheel up front. This is to give the same gearing ratio as 9t / 25t as found on 20” wheel complete bikes.

The 9” rise handlebars and 175mm cranks. Silver or chrome finish components seem to look the best on either white or black frames.

Update February 2014

I heard from Kevin (one of the founding brothers) he told me they are working on an alloy race version of the Amero. The chromo trails kit has been reduced to $499 (yes that includes wheels and tires) and a Mk3 rim is due in March. The Mk3 is lighter and stronger featuring a 4X spoke pattern for increased lateral stability.

For me, this was a really exciting update. Faction is continuing to expand their products and options and the prices are dropping. Both point to more and less expensive 22″ BMX bikes to select from.  Thanks to Kevin for the updates!

About Faction Bike Company 

Based in the UK, founded in 2007 by 3 brothers, Keith, Kevin and Paul Easom. They have been working on the concept since 2002.

These guys only make 22-inch BMX bikes. Their first 22 was the Zeitgeist. I think this was released around 2010 and did not see it available for purchase. Later the created an even nicer bike called the Amero. In February 2014 they announced they are working on an alloy race version of the Amero.

Where to Find Faction online

Good Articles and Videos about Faction

S&M Bikes

This appears to be just a frame and fork. If you want to ride this bike you have to build it up your self.  On eBay,there were some Frame / Fork / Wheel / Tire Kits for around $759 Like the Amero you will still need to get the remaining parts.

About S&M Bikes

Great interview with the guys at S&M about 22″ bikes

Catch 22 by Felt Bicycles

Felt Bikes Catch 22
Felt Bikes Catch 22

This is a full bicycle and is available in one color (in 2014)

First Year of Production: Not Sure

Price: in 2014 it is $449 for a fully set up bike.

Where to buy: Local Bike Store

About Felt Bike Company

make all kinds of bikes including BMX bikes

Based in Irvine California

22″ Tall Texan by Fireman

Tall Texan 22 by Fireman
Tall Texan 22 by Fireman

Looks like completes sell for about $1350 and take 3 weeks for assembly and shipping.

About Fireman Bikes

Custom Order 22″ by Standard Byke Company

Standard Byke will make a frame with the dimensions and geometry and to handle 22″ Wheels. They are built one off but are not priced as customs. Here are the specs:

  • 21, 21.5, or 22″ top tube lengths.
  • 74.5 head angle
  • 71 seat tube angle
  • 12.50 bb height
  • 14.0 slammed rear
  • stand over is 8″
  • integrated head tube
  • mid bb
  • 1.25 O.D. top tube
  • 1.50 O.D. down tube
  • externally tapered seat tube-takes a 1″ post
  • 3/4″ O.D. seat and chain stays
  • 3/16″ thick drop outs-take 14mm axle
  • 990 mounts under seat stays or no brakes
  • Weight 4 lbs 8 oz (or a little less)

The price is around $425 plus shipping.

About Standard Byke Company

Founded in 1991 in Davenport, Iowa, Standard Byke Company was conceived out of the downturn in quality of BMX products being produced in the late 1980′s. 

Where to Find Standard Byke online


Indust 22 inch BMX Bikes

Looks Like Indust is a semi-active company. Not sure where you can purchase their frames and components.

Here are some of their online resources

The do have an 22″ with Disc Brakes which looks pretty cool.

Indust 22 inch disc brake frame

Stout Bikes

This looks to be a custom frame builder. From his website

I will help you design a custom frame specific to your needs. My expertise/background is in DJ/street, All MTN and BMX frames… Though I am always willing to help build new things! email me at:


Looks like these guys might just make the frame. Not sure the price is marked as $415 but then also $75. $415 seems more reasonable price point for this type of frame.

Various and Interesting 22″ BMX Facts

22 refers to the wheel size, not the top tube length.

Some 20″ BMX bikes have a 22″ top tube but they are NOT 22″ BMX Bikes.

22″ BMX Resources

Chris Mahoney on the new 22″ Faction Amero BMX 2013 from Faction BMX on Vimeo.


Looks like the Faction Amero might be one of the best and a true innovator.

Looks like the only complete 22″ bike option is from Felt Bicycles.

Hopefully, I get to ride one of these soon.

I will update the post as I learn more.