Ferrari 458 Rossa Dino Front

Recently I have become very interested in the Ferrari 458. Ferrari got so many things right when they produced the car.  It is easy to maintain, first rigid hard top in the convertible, double clutch shifting.  It also became the last naturally aspirated Ferrari.

I wanted to understand options and features available in the 458. By knowing what is available it makes it easier to compare cars and get a good sense of their value.  This post provides a great overview, some of the options need more details images to fully understand. For these topics, more detailed posts have been created.  

458 Paint Colors

Contrary to popular beliefs not all Ferraris are red.  However most of the ordered ones are red.   In fact the classic Ferrari red, called Rossa Corsa, had been nicknamed “Resale Red”. After red the most popular other colors are black and white.

While most Ferrari owners are traditionalists and the prefer red, black or white, there are owners who prefer other colors. These colors can be flashy like Yellow, or metallic silver or historical like a British racing green. No matter what color you choose, it will be extremely well done.

If you want even more details about the exterior color options check out my indepth post on Ferrari 458 exterior color details and images.

All 458 Paint Colors


Rossa Corsa – This is the classic ferrari red.

Rosso Corsa Side Profile

Rossa Scuderia– A brighter red that has a little more orange to it. It is said Rosso Scuderia was developed to look like Rosso Corsa when viewed on TV. Now that is attention to detail. 

Rosso Corsa Rear

Trying to decide between Rosso Corsa and Rosso Scuderia? Here is a good thread about that topic at FerrariChat


Nero (Black) – When you think of a black Ferrari, this is the color you are thinking of. When you look at enough black cars you know black is not just black and Ferrari has this shade of black dialed in. 

Ferrari 458 Nero Pastello

Nero Daytona Metallic (Black Metallic) – This black is a metallic component to it. When you see it in person it has a little softer tone and looks fantastic in the sun. From those who have owned black and metallic black, they say is is easier to keep the metallic black looking great.


Bianco Avus (White) – If you want a white Ferrari this is your color. Unlike other colors that have multiple shades and metallic options. There is just one white.   While there is just one white, it can really be dressed up with different interior colors and brake callipers. 

Ferrari 458 Bianco Avus - White


Giallo Modena (Yellow) – I love this color! If you are looking to stand out in a seat of red cars this is one of the colors to do it.

Ferrari Giallo Modena 458 Spider

Avorio – This is a light yellow from the historic collection and not seen very often. When paired with a dark brown it can look very elegant. 

Avorio Yellow Ferrari 458 Spider




458 Interior Colors

Blu Scuro
Carta Da Zucchero
Blu Medio
Grigio Scuro
Terra Bruciata


Ferrari 458 seats have many options and can be ordered in thousands of combinations. Seat options are confusing at first but once you understand them it becomes easy to identify them and customize the seats specifically to your tastes.

First start by picking your seat style, then select the colors and finally the stitching pattern. Lets go through each of these steps. 

For even more read our full post about Ferrari 458 Seats

Seat Types

The 458 has four seat styles:

  1. Manual Standard Seats
  2. Electric Standard Seats
  3. Fully Electric Standard Seats
  4. Carbon Racing Seats

Manual Seats

Manual Seats are straight forward. No motors, no seat heaters, just a seat and you do the work. You pull a physically pull s lever or rotate a dial and then you can adjust the seat. 

This is the entry level for all Ferrari 458 seats.

Ferrari 458 Manual Seats

Electric Seats

Below are the controls for the Electric Seat.  This option has motors that moves the seat forward/backup, up/down. and adjust the angle of the backrest.

Ferrari 458 Electric Seat Side Buttons

Fully Electric Seats

Fully Electric Seats are the step above (top level) of the electric seats. They have all the options fo the electric seat plus, seat heaters, lumbar support, seat width adjustments and three memory positions.

If you want every option then the fully electric seats are for you. 

The controls for the fully electric seats are located on the door side of the seat. 

Carbon Racing Seats

Carbon Racing seats are just awesome. They have a fantastic look, very comfortable and about 50lbs lighter that the standard seats.   True they are adjusted manually but once you get them set to your preference there is not much need to adjust them.

Carbon racing seats are definitely better for track days. There is even an ongoing debate as to what is more comfortable carbon racing or standard seats. 

Ferrari 458 Rossa Dino Carbon Racing Seat

Seat Colors

Unlike Henry Ford you have a wide of seat colors to choose from. 

Seat Stitching Styles

This is the section overview text

Standard Seat Stitching

This i the text about the standard seat stitching

Daytona Seat Stitching

This i the text about the standard seat stitching

Ferrari 458 Daytona Stitched

Diamond Seat Stitching

This i the text about the diamond seat stitching

Carbon Racing Seat Stitching

This i the text about the carbon racing seat stitching


Highpower Radio

Navigation & Bluetooth

iPod Connector

Interior Carbon

Exterior Carbon

Parking & Ground Protection

Backup Camera

A backup camera is a very desirable option. You sit low in the car, knowing what is behind you can be tough and the car is expensive so you do not want to hit anything. 

When looking at 458s, you can tell if it has a camera by looking at the center rear bumper.  If you see a black circle above the license plate, there is a backup camera. If no circle, then no backup camera.

If a backup camera option is not present, then it is expensive to add.  There are a few after market options.

Want to learn more about the backup camera? Here is a more detailed post about the Ferrari 458 Backup Camera Options along with some aftermarket options, if your car does not have one. 

Backup Camera
How the backup camera works
Where you see screen when the camera is on
How to identify if a car has a backup camera
How to add a backup camera if it does not exist.

Parking Sensors

Front & Rear Parking Sensors

About the option including what the option cost
Where you see the sensors
How to identify if a car has parking sensors

Suspension Lifter

Front Suspension Lift

This also comes with a special headlight option

Scrape Plates (not sure what these are called)

Scrape Plates

Scrape Plates (not sure what these are called)