Ferrari 458 Interiors Colors

All Ferrari 458 Interior Colors

Below are the exterior color options for the Ferrari 458. When viewing the colors remember that the device, brightness, and monitor quality can all play a factor in how the colors look on screen. 

You should use this guide to get a feel of the color and how they relate to different shades.   Remember there is no substitution for seeing them in real life. 

In addition to selecting the interior colors, Ferrari lets you pick seat styles, stitching patters, the color of thread. Interested in understanding the all the options? Check out our Ferrari 458 Seat Options Explained Guide

Now lets get into all the different interior colors to choose from.

Blu Scuro
Carta Da Zucchero
Blu Medio
Grigio Scuro
Terra Bruciata


Nero (Black)

Nero (black) 8500

Ferrari 458 Nero Interior With Yellow Stitching
Ferrari 458 Nero Interior With Yellow Stitching Door

Dark Grays

Charcoal (Charcoal)

Charcoal which is either a light black or a very dark gray depending on your point of view. Either way it is a very dark color without being a 100% black. 

Ferrari 458 Charcoal Interior Top View

Grigio Scuro (Dark Gray)

Having a tough time locating images of Grigio Scuro.  So many times the listings describe it as gray.  If you have any images of this interior contact me and I will get them added. 

Tans / Light Browns

Beige (Ferrari Tan)

When you think of the classic Red/Tan Ferrari, beige is the tan in that combination. After nero (black), biege might be the most popular Ferrari interior.  If it is not the most common interior then it is the most quintessential.

The car below has a beige interior. The first owner opted for red stitching to compliment the red exterior color.  Hard to go wrong with a red/tan combo.

Ferrari 458 Beige Standard Stitching Seats
Ferrari 458 Beige Interior Door

Cuoio Naturale (Natural Saddle/Leather)

Cuoio Naturale or natural saddle/leather is darker than beige and looks stunning with the right exterior colors. 

The image below has a cuoio interior with beige daytona inserts. The dashboard and seat belts are nero.

This 458 spider has a cuoio seats and steering wheel. As an added bonus elements of the dashboard are also cuoio. 

Ferrar 458 Culio Interior

Off Whites

Sabbia (Sand)

Sabbia (sand) 4310

Ferrari 458 Sabbia Interior
Ferrari 458 Sabbia Interior Carbon Seats

Crema (Cream)

Crema often called a “Cream” is a very light color. It is really more of an off white. You do not see it used that much but when it is it can look fantastic.

Ferrari 458 Daytona Stitched


Blu (Blue)

Blu 4307

Carta Da Zucchero (Antique Blue)

Carta Da Zucchero (antique blue) 4577
Ferrari 458 Da Zucchero Interior Daytona
Ferrari 458 Da Zucchero Interior Standard Stitching

Blu Scuro (Dark Blue)

Blu Scuro while being described as a dark blue is a super dark grey or almost a black. 

Ferrari 458 Blue Scuro Interior Driver
Ferrari 458 Blue Scuro Interior
Ferrari 458 Blue Scuro Door


Rosso Corsa (Ferrari Red)

If you want a red interior for your 458 then Rosso Corsa is for you. We think thin rosso corsa is best paired with a white exterior.  While white is the most common sometimes you will see this red added to interior elements of blue and black Ferraris. 

Ferrari 458 Rosso Corsa Interior
Ferrari 458 Rosso Corsa Door

Bordeaux (Darker Red)

Bordeaux is a little deeper or red. Maybe a little more refined or maybe not as much of an in your face red. 

The 458 Spider below is a great pairing of the Tour De France blue exterior and the Bordeaux Interior.

Ferrar 458 Bordeaux Interior
Ferrari 458 Bordeaux Interior
Ferrari 458 Bordeaux Interior


Giallo Modena (Yellow)

It is not often you see yellow in the interiors of 458s. Yellow sitiching on nero seats with a yellow exterior is common. 


Verde (Green)

While the verde or green interior color exists I have not seen any green leather used. I have seen green stitching used with nero seats. 


Ferrari has a wide range of colors to spec your perfect car.  The most popular are the tans and blacks. If you want to move out to the edges, there are creams, reds, and blues to consider.

Selecting the right colors both interior and exterior has a huge impact on the feel of your 458.  Are you going for refined? elegant? edgy? performance? or just Ferrari classic.  With Ferrari’s interior colors you can follow your heart.  

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