Ferrari Giallo Modena 458 Spider

All Ferrari 458 Exterior Color Options

Below are the exterior color options for the Ferrari 458. When viewing the colors remember that the device, brightness, and monitor quality can all play a factor in how the colors look on screen. 

You should use this guide to get a feel of the color and how they relate to different shades.   Remember there is no substitution for seeing them in real life. 

Argento Nurburgring Metallic
Avio Metallic
Azzurro California
Azzurro Metallic
Azzurro Monaco
Bianco Avus
Blu Abu Dhabi Metallic
Blu Le Mans
Blu Mirabeau
Blu Nart
Blu Pozzi
Blu Scozia
Blu Swaters
Blu Tour De France Metallic
Canna di Fucile
Celeste Metallic
Giallo Modena
Grigio Alloy Metallic
Grigio Ferro Metallic
Grigio Ingrid Metallic
Grigio Medio
Grigio Scuro
Grigio Silverstone Metallic
Grigio Titanio Metallic
Nero Daytona Metallic
Rosso Barchetta
Rosso Corsa
Rosso Dino
Rosso Fiorano
Rosso Mugello
Rosso CorsaRosso Scuderia
Rubino Micalizzato
Verde British Racing
Verde Zeltweg

Red Ferrari 458 Exterior Colors

The first color everyone thinks of when they think of Ferrari is red.  Do any search for a Ferrari and red will be the most common color.  Here are the reds that are available with the Ferrari 458 (and I think the 488 as well)

Rosso Corsa: THE Ferrari Red

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Rosso Corsa Side Profile

Rosso Scuderia: A little brighter Ferrari Red

Rosso Scuderia is a vibrant red and a little brighter than the far more popular Rossa Corsa.  Rosso Scuderia was developed to look like Rosso Corsa for TV. Think F1 Racing.

When we say interiors, you might be thinking about 9 On Main. When considering the interior of a Scuderia red car, nero (black) makes a great interior combo.  

Rosso Mugello: Deeper Red

Rosso Mugello is dark red, deep red, or some describe as being close to burgundy.  This shade has a more elegant feel than the very common Rosso Corsa. 

A couple of advantages to Rosso Mugello. It is a standard color so there are not price upcharges and the color goes very nice with both the standard and sport wheels.

It is a sold color and is non-metallic.  A great color for those looking for a red Ferrari and not wanting to go with the rosso corsa resell red.

Rosso Mugello Ferrari 458 Spider

Comparison between a rosso corsa and rosso mugello.  Cameras, outdoor light, white balance, and computer displays can all make the shades look different. Here are the two colors side by side, which may help give you a better understanding.

Rosso Mugello Rosso Corsa Comparison

Rosso Fiorano: Historical Red

Rosso Fiorano is from Ferrari Historical palette.  This is a deeper darker red. 

Ferrari 458 Rosso Fiorano

Rosso Dino: Orange Red

Rosso Dino or “Dino” is an orange-red color. It is considered on of Ferrari’s historical colors. When ordering it is considered a premium color, read more expensive.

It is not an orange orange color but more or an orange red color. It is a flat color with no metallic flake.

There are varying opinions on this color, some like it, some say it is hard do sell. I think it is a great color made even better that it is rare and not seen that often.

In 2013 this option was an $11,885.

Ferrari 458 Rossa Dino Front
Ferrari 458 Rossa Dino Rear

More Pictures of this fantastic orange dino

Not a 458 but is a excellent Ferrari Enzo in Rosso Dino

Ferrari Enzo Rosso Dino 1 1140x570

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Yellow Ferrari 458 Exterior Colors​

Giallo Modena: Bright Yellow

Giallo Modena is one of the classic Ferrari colors. 

Ferrari Giallo Modena 458 Spider
Giallo Modena Ferrari 458

Avorio: Light Yellow

This is a light yellow color and is a historical Ferrari color.

Avorio Yellow Ferrari 458 Spider

White Ferrari 458 Exterior Colors

Bianco Avus: White

Bianco Avus is the classic Ferrari white. Hard to go wrong with a beautiful white color. If you want a white Ferrari this is the color for you. Clean, crisp, with no metallic flakes.

The white exterior pairs nicely with a nero (black) or rosso (red) interior creating some lovely examples.

Ferrari 458 Bianco Avus - White

In the image below, I particularly like how the red tail lights stand out on the white.

Ferrari 458 Rear Bianco Avus

Black Ferrari 458 Exterior Colors

Nero Pastello: Black

Nero Pastello or Nero for short is the Ferrari black. It is a great color and looks fantastic when it is clean. 

There is always a litte bit of magic in a super clean well presented black Ferrari.

2015 Ferrari 458 Spider Nero
Ferrari 458 Nero Pastello

Nero Daytona Metallic: Black Metallic

Nero Daytona Metallic is the metallic version in black. It has a softer feel and also will hide any flaws better. When looking at pictures online it is very difficult to tell the difference between the two colors.

Nero Metallic is an easier paint to maintain.

Blue Ferrari 458 Exterior Colors

Azzurro California: Light Blue

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Ferrari 458 Azzurro California Front
Ferrari 458 Azzurro California Back

Blu Abu Dhabi Metallic: Dark Blue

This is a fantastic blue metallic color. It is very crisp and has a little bit of green or teal in the blue. 

It is one of the standard (read free) colors you can choose from. Even with it being one of the standard colors it is not ordered that much. 

Ferrari 458 Blu Abu Dhabi Metallic Front

Blu Mirabeau Metallic – Blue

Blu Pozzi: Blue

Ferrari 458 Blu Pozzi Exterior Front View
Ferrari 458 Blu Pozzi Side View

Blu Scozia: Blue

Ferrari 458 Blu Scozia Front View
Ferrari 458 Blu Scozia Side View

Blu Swaters: Blue

Blu Tour De France Metallic: Blue

Ferrari 458 Tour De France Blue Front
Ferrar 458 Bordeaux Interior

Gray Ferrari 458 Exterior Colors

Argento Nurburgring Metallic – Silver

Canna di Fucile – Gray

Grigio Alloy Metallic – Gray

Grigio Ferro – Gray

Grigio Ingrid Metallic – Gray

Grigio Scuro (Gray)

Ferrari 458 Grigio Scuro Paint Front
Ferrari 458 Grigio Scuro Paint Front Angle

Grigio Silverstone Metallic – Gray

Grigio Titanio Metallizzato (Metallic Gray)

Ferrari 458 Grigio Titanio Metallic Front

Green Ferrari 458 Exterior Colors

Verde British Green

Verde British is the Classic British Racing Green.

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