Raleigh XXIX on bike rack on car

Raleigh XXIX Single Speed 29er

Table of Contents My Single Speed Project2007 Raleigh XXIX Details & SpecsDrivetrainBrakesWheelsAdditional Resources My Single Speed Project This post is all about my new (well new to me) 2007 Raleigh XXIX Single Speed. It was purchased from Craigslist for $250 The goal for this bike is to get riding well and put some miles on …

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Pivot Les Ultimate Guide

This is the Ultimate Guide to the Pivot Les. The Les and all of its versions deserved an entire page for all the details. When looking for the ideal Single Speed frame I discovered the Pivot’s hardtail option. Not only could this frame be a fantastic geared hardtail, it can be coverted to a Single …

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Single Speed Horizontal Dropout

Single Speed Dropouts and Chain Tensioners Explained

This is a guide to Single Speed Dropouts and Chain Tensioners. About Chain Tensioning On a geared bike the rear deraileur keeps the chain tight.  On a single speed bike, as you know there is no rear derailuer so we need to find something to keep the chain from becoming loose and bouncing off when …

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Best Office Coffee Makers

Best Office Coffee Makers

A high-quality office coffee maker is a must.  The current coffee maker leaves a lot to be desired. In an effort to convince the company to get a decent one, I did the research and created this post. Important Features: Works well in high volume situations Makes Good Coffee A carafe that pours well Easily …

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Leadville Endurance Cyclists

Nutrition Advice for Vegan or Plant-Based Endurance Athletes

I know this is a big topic but I thought I would start somewhere. Hi Elden, Thanks so much for the podcast! This year is my first year for Leadville, super excited! I have been listening to season 2 and gone back to season 1 to get all the detailed course info. Nutrition Advice for …

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June 2019 Reading Listening and Watching List

Some great articles, videos or podcasts I discovered in June Health / Vegan / Food Most ‘meat’ in 2040 will not come from dead animals, says report https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2019/jun/12/most-meat-in-2040-will-not-come-from-slaughtered-animals-report  Web Usability / UX / UI https://medium.com/decoding-digital/optimising-mobile-web-navigation-2-recent-successes-8132c715f516 https://medium.com/@chriskernaghan/if-the-hamburger-button-impacts-discoverability-and-is-seen-as-bad-ux-why-do-most-mobile-sites-5f3fe55d5ef https://techcrunch.com/2016/05/03/spotify-ditches-the-controversial-hamburger-menu-in-ios-app-redesign/ Web Form Design https://medium.com/@onepixelout/10-tips-for-designing-perfect-forms-14c5f25b0dec Less Alchohol / Sober Curious Movement https://www.richroll.com/podcast/andy-ramage-444/  https://www.oneyearnobeer.com/ Catholic Church Not doing the right …

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All Ferrari Lego Sets

All Ferrari Lego Sets

What is better than LEGO and Ferrari?  Ferarri Lego Sets. Over the years the two companies have paired up for some pretty fantastic collaborations. I have done my best to list them all here if you know of any missing ones let me know in the comments or contact form and I will do my …

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All Nightmare Before Christmas LEGO sets

Super excited that two fantastic worlds have collided.  LEGO bricks and The Nightmare before Christmas. Here we will have a complete list of all things Lego and The Nightmare before Christmas. Nightmare Before Christmas Brickheads   Jack & Sally Collectible Minifigures Jack & Sally LEGO Brickheadz - 41630 LEGO has created a Brickheadz set of …

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Quest for the Best Store Bought Vegan Lemon Sorbet

This post is all about finding the best Store bought vegan lemon sorbet. So Far I know of three types of Vegan Lemon Sorbet             Lemon Sorbet by Haagen Daz https://www.haagendazs.us/products/sorbet/lemon-sorbet This stuff is fantastic.   More Reviews and Info https://www.influenster.com/reviews/haagen-dazs-sorbet-zesty-lemon Jam'n Lemon by Sorbabes https://sorbabes.com/flavor/jam-n-lemon Lemon Zest Sorbet by …

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Ferrari Dealership with Ferrari

Ferrari Dealership Directory

Welcome to my Ferrari Dealership list post.  I created a list of all the Ferrari Dealers, their contact info and some interesting facts about them.  If you see anything that needs to be updated or changed please let me know. I was curious to see the trends among Ferrari Dealers, like what they choose to …

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101 Fantastic Vegan Websites and Resources

This post is mainly for me to remember (and find again) great Vegan Online Resources.   Vegan Food Lover  https://veganfoodlover.com/  Veg Faqs https://vegfaqs.com/ Well Vegan https://wellvegan.com/

2019 plant based news - Field of Wheat

2019 Plant Based Food News

First I saw that 2019 have been proclaimed the year of the vegan, which is fantastic! As the year has progressed I have found more an more examples of Plant-Based Food news and it is all good stuff.  To keep up with all the happenings and events I started this post of good Vegan reads. …

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Cotopaxi Express Mountaineering Trip

Introduction I am going with Mountain Madness on the Cotopaxi Express Trip.  The 9 Day excursion starts in Quito, Ecuador and ends with Climbing Cotopaxi. http://www.mountainmadness.com/adventures/expeditions/south-america/ecuador/cotopaxi-express#trip-overview/description   Notes No Timezone Change (from Atlanta to Quito) No Power or Plug Changes needed (from the USA  to Ecuador) No Currency Changes needed (from the USA to Ecuador) …

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Running Backpacks for Run Commuting

For this article, we are going to mainly cover running backpacks that have around 8L+ of storage capacity. These are packs that could be used for run commuting, or maybe trail running. Arcteryx Norvan 7 & 14 Hydration Vests Norvan 14 Hydration Vest https://arcteryx.com/us/en/shop/norvan-14-hydration-vest Norvan 7 Hydration Vest https://arcteryx.com/us/en/shop/norvan-7-hydration-vest

101 Cotopaxi Volcano Climbing Resources and Research

So I climbing Cotopaxi in 2019 (along with a few other volcanos) so here is my research of video and resources to help learn more about the upcoming trip.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ItOM81NWJmk Good vidoe not much talking but a lot of quality footage of the mountain and climbing. Not sure whwere they started from but it …

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