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About Steven Johnson

steven nyc marathon medal 1200 748Just finished the 2015 New York Marathon

Welcome and thanks for visiting the site!

Currently, I build websites and help companies make their site easier to use and ranke higher in the search engines.

Before this I have worked lots of different jobs, bicycle courier in Melbourne Australia, newspaper photographer, sold peanuts in shopping malls, worked as a PADI Divemaster in the Florida Keys, Taught little kids to ski in Aspen Colorado, worked at a gas station, was a camp counselor and ran the darkroom in Cape Cod.

I live in Marietta, Ga with Amber, my wife, our two girls, two cats and two fish. I own one less bike than I would like and way to many legos.

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I have always been a fan of photography.

While at Georgia Tech I was a photographer for the newspaper.  My first published photo was a picture of the new Chick-Fil-A that opened at the student center. It was on the front page! I think i earned $5.00 for that photo.

Being a newspaper photographer was lots of fun, especially when I learned I could use it to get me on stage to sold out concerts.

I also spent several summers in Cape Cod Sea Camps running their darkroom (yes the days before digital) and teaching photography to kids and working as a camp counselor. Those were great summers.

Marathons and Triathlons

A couple years ago (Summer of 2013) I started riding bikes again and found that took a lot of time. That then lead me to start running. With running you can go right out your front door and start. No need for all the gear, packing, driving to a good place to ride, going for a great ride and then reversing the process to get home.

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